Sales of cars occasion rise 12.2% until September 2016

Ventas de Coches de Ocasión en España - Septiembre 2016

Das WeltAuto, the car brand on the occasion of the Volkswagen Group.

While we lack a few days to the end of the current month of October, and the forecasts of sales of used cars are very good, since we can consult the data transfers and transactions registered in the field of vehicle of occasion during the period January-September 2016. Until the month of September sales of cars occasion build up a rise of 12.2% with a total of 1.382.472 operations according to data published by the Institute of Studies of Automotive sector (IEA).

It maintains the upward trend of previous months and the sector faces the objective of being able to close the current financial year by over 1.7 million units transferred, which will result in a growth of 6.9% with respect to sales of cars of occasion in the past year 2015.

If we look at the kind of second-hand car sold more during these past months, we realize that the employee’s cars, that is to say, those with less than three years old, continue to drive the sales, as their operations grew by 33.4% up to September. Unfortunately, it is the vehicles whose supply still falls far short of the demand in the industry. According to the consulting firm, MSI, is missing about 19,000 units of this type of vehicles to match the stock offered to the demand.

Ventas de Coches de Ocasión en España - Septiembre 2016

sales of cars occasion recorded a rise of 12.2% during the first nine months of 2016.

Another thing to keep in mind is that during the first nine months of the year, the average price of second-hand vehicles offered is situated in the 11.179 euros, an increase of 10% compared to the same period of 2015. Cars of occasion with the greatest residual value (over 15,000 euros) show the greatest increase of sales. A rise of 20 per cent of its operations to be more exact.

¿And what there is of the cars ‘mileuristas”? second-hand vehicles with more than ten years dominating the 55% of transfers registered up to the month of September. Their operations grew by 13.1% due to factors such as its low price, offering the possibility to the buyers to pay them in the act without recourse to financial institutions to finance the purchase.

Taking a look at the sales of cars occasion by autonomous communities in the January-September period, we see that the greatest growth has been recorded in Castilla-La Mancha (19,1%), while the only decrease is in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla (-0,3%).

Ventas de Coches de Ocasión en España - Septiembre 2016

The employee’s cars continue to drive sales of VO in Spain.

Transfers cars of occasion January-September 2016

Autonomous Community 2016 % Difference % s/ Total Nacional
Andalucía 245.928 14,4 17,8
Aragón 35.732 10,6 2,6
Asturias 29.900 8,2 2,2
Baleares 41.302 11,8 3,0
Canarias 64.540 8,3 4,7
Cantabria 16.378 5,2 1,2
Castile Mancha 66.781 19,1 4,8
Castile and León 71.111 9,5 5,1
Cataluña 219.867 10,6 15,9
Ceuta/Melilla 6.376 -0,3 0,5
C. Valenciana 143.336 11,8 10,4
Extremadura 33.514 10,5 2,4
Galicia 81.707 10,1 5,9
The Rioja 9.018 10,6 0,7
Madrid 194.432 16,9 14,1
Murcia 46.727 12,8 3,4
Navarra 20.551 8,2 1,5
Country Vasco 55.272 7,1 4,0
TOTAL 1.382.472 12,2 100,0