Sales of cars occasion rise by 13.1% in November 2016

Ventas de Coches de Ocasión - Noviembre 2016

sales of cars of the occasion grew by 13.1% in November of 2016.

According to data published by the National Association of Dealers of vehicles (Ancove), during the past month November 2016 sales of cars of occasion in Spain recorded a growth of 13.1% with respect to the same period of last year 2015. In November it transferred a total of 177.937 vehicles. An increase that is in line with the one registered during the majority of months this year and remains above 10%.

on the other hand, and during the period accumulated of the year, that is to say, between the months of January and November 2016, the sales of cars occasion (counting passenger cars and suvs) exceed the 9% reaching the 1.583.262 units sold in Spain. From the employers emphasize that these data and growth figures shed “some hope” in order to achieve the objectives set for the sector of the vehicle of occasion in the next few years.

however, and as well we published on the day of yesterday, the cars of occasion are more and more old in Spain. My colleague Javier Costas conducted a full analysis of a situation that seems somewhat paradoxical when, in these past few months we have commented that the higher growth of sales of cars of occasion is being driven by the increasing demand for employee’s cars.

Ventas de Coches de Ocasión - Noviembre 2016

Continues to grow the demand for the vehicles employee’s.

In regard to the data for the month of November, we see that during the past month, the 54.4 per cent of the cars of occasion sold exceeded 10 years of antiquity. Sales of this type of VO accumulate a growth of 13% in the year as a whole, while in November, its sales increased 22.7%, respectively.

For its part, the sales of vehicles that have between zero and five years of age have grown 10.3% in the last month (14.8% in the period January-November 2016). In contrast, the cars of occasion whose age lies in the range of 6-10 years, have registered a sales decline of 6.9% in November and 6.5 per cent so far this year.

These percentages reveal that the sales of cars occasion are polarizing vehicles employee’s or those of advanced age are categorized as “mileuristas”. In addition, the data also highlights that seven out of every ten cars transferred in so far this year come from individuals. The vast majority of them with an age greater than 10 years.