Sales of cars occasion: rise of the 18,49% during the month of January 2017

Ventas de coches de ocasiĆ³n - Enero 2017

sales of cars occasion went up a 18,49% in the month of January 2017.

The market of the vehicle of occasion has begun the year 2017 with significant growth. And is that, during the past month of January sales of cars occasion in Spain reported a rise of the 18,49% with a total of 132.944 units sold according to the data provided to us by the guys from National Association of Dealers of Vehicles (Ancove).

Since the aforementioned association has pointed out that their forecasts anticipate that this year 2017 the sales of cars of occasion in Spain will reach a volume of 1.87 million of transfers. A figure which, if reached, will represent a growth above 6% with respect to the data of the previous year.

Returning to the data for the month of January 2017, in Ancove justify the growth of almost 19% due to the significant boom that have had the car sales with more than ten years old, which accounted for 56.5% of the total number of transfers recorded. A fact that breaks with the trend of the past few months, since this type of vehicle of occasion, he was losing ground and market share with respect to employee’s cars.

Ventas de coches de ocasiĆ³n - Enero 2017

In total, we sold 132.944 cars of occasion in Spain.

And speaking of the employee’s cars, in January, the sales of the VO of less than five years recorded a market share of 27%, while that of between five and ten years were made with 16.5% of the total.

The important weight who have had the vehicles with the longest tenure in the sales of the past month has had as main effect the increase in the number of transactions between private individuals. Although the channel of professionals has maintained its uptrend that we have seen in previous months. Each time there are more buyers who prefer to turn to a professional to buy a second-hand car or sedan, instead of managing the operation directly with a particular.

From associations such as Ancove or Ganvam continue to putting the emphasis on the need to keep active any stimulus plan for new car sales to continue to grow as well as the power to include in such plans of aid to the purchase of vehicles, the possibility that the employee’s are also able to benefit from these advantages. A measure that would reduce the average age of the fleet Spanish.