Sales of cars of occasion is up by 30.7% until march 2017

Ventas de coches de ocasión en España - Marzo 2017

Sales of cars of occasion in Spain during the month of march 2017.

According to the data provided by the Institute of Studies of Automotive sector (IEA) to Ganvam, during the first quarter of 2017 sales of cars of occasion in Spain recorded a growth 30.7% with a total volume of 551.108 units sold. The important boom of the employee’s cars had a factor in this increase in transfers.

Between the months of January and march, the ratio of sales of vehicles of occasion reached a value of 1.8 for every new car sold in our market. During the same period of last year, the value is placed in the 1.5-to-1. One more piece of data that shows the consolidation of the market of the VO as a first option to purchase for a good part of the Spanish drivers.

Until march, the sales of pre-owned were the most growth is obtained, with a rise of 66.9%. Accounted for 22% of the total market, a positive difference of five percentage points compared to the first quarter of 2016. The increase in the stock of used from companies alquiladoras is behind this strong increase already during the first months of 2017 has proceeded to the renewal of the fleet of vehicles belonging to the companies of “rent to car”.

Distribución del mercado de VO hasta marzo 2017

Antigüedad % Var
<3= 3 years 66,9
> 3 – <=5 years 19,2
> 5 – <=10 years 11,1
> 10 años 28,5
TOTAL 30,7

market Distribution of the vehicle of occasion by seniority up until march of 2017.

however, despite the strong impulse of the employee’s cars, the so-called “cars mileuristas“, that is to say, those with more than ten years old, still concentrating the largest amount of operations. Until the month of march sales of cars occasion with more than ten years were up 28,5%.

¿And what are the sales channels? as we have been seeing in the last few months, the balance tips increasingly toward the side of professional. So far this year, the dealer sales and purchases increased by more than 52%, and although the particular continue to be recorded 54% of the operations, have already given almost seven points to the professional channel.

Sales VO by Autonomous Communities until March 2017

In regards to the sales of vehicles of occasion, for the autonomous communities, we see that all reported positive growth. The greatest rise took place in Castilla-La Mancha, with an increase of 45,7% and 29.322 units.

Autonomous Community Pcs % Var % Cuota
Andalucía 97.079 28,9 17,6
Aragón 13.794 27,6 2,5
Asturias 11.210 21,7 2,0
Baleares 16.323 34,2 3,0
Canarias 24.728 26,1 4,5
Cantabria 6.269 24,3 1,1
Castilla-The Mancha 29.322 45,7 5,3
Castile and León 26.962 20,0 4,9
Cataluña 88.821 31,2 16,1
Ceuta/Melilla 2.410 17,3 0,4
C. Valenciana 57.461 31,0 10,4
Extremadura 13.221 22,1 2,4
Galicia 30.674 23,9 5,6
The Rioja 3.663 35,9 0,7
Madrid 80.150 39,7 14,5
Murcia 18.052 27,9 3,3
Navarra 8.741 39,1 1,6
Country Vasco 22.228 29,0 4,0
TOTAL 551.108 30,7 100,0