Sales of cars of opportunity will close by 2016 with a rise of 8%

Previsión de ventas de coches de ocasión en 2016

forecasts of a rise of 8% and more than 1.9 million cars in the occasion sold.

In the absence of a few days to end the year 2016, the National Association of Sellers of Vehicles to Engine (GANVAM) has released their sales forecasts for the end of this year. In particular, the association gives us an insight that the sales of cars of opportunity will close by 2016 with a rise of 8% and more than 1.9 million units sold. These figures, achieved, would allow the sector of vehicle of occasion to achieve a level of sales “pre-crisis”.

In the absence of knowing the final number, if there is something that has characterized the sales of VO in this year 2016 is the great increase of operations with employee’s cars, which have tripled in the pace of growth to those of greater seniority and on the other, the continued role of the professional channel in the sales recorded, with an increase of 23%. Let us remember that historically, in Spain, the market of the vehicle of occasion has been dominated by transactions between individuals.

The growth that you will experience the sales of vehicles of occasion will be in line with the positive evolution of market of new cars, as they expected to close the year with an increase of 10% and a volume close to the 1.140.000 units registered. With these figures, we can foresee that the relation of sales VO/VN for this year 2016 will remain the same in 2015, that is to say, in the 1,7 used cars for every new one.

Previsión de ventas de coches de ocasión en 2016

2016 closes with a relation of sales VO/VN 1.7, the same amount as last year.

on the other hand, and following with the analysis of change of trend that has been experienced in 2016, we see that the employee’s are the most protagonists of the market, since the cars used older (which still represent 55%), closed the year with a growth rate of 13%, while the more “young” at 35%. The contrast of the demand is evident.

¿And what about the prices? During this year has continued the upward trend. The average price of a vehicle of the occasion is to be located in the 12.900 euros, up to 60% cheaper than one without registering. The employee’s will end 2016 with about 16.400 euros, on average, around 40% less than one brand new. Cars of occasion older will have an average price of 4,000 euros, about 80% cheaper than a new car.

with the exception of Catalonia and La Rioja, all the autonomous communities shall be a lesser or greater growth this year. Castilla-La Mancha will be at the top of the rankings of growth with a rise of 11%. By behind we will have to the Balearic islands (+10,2%) and Andalusia (+9,9%) respectively. The minor surges will take place in the Community of Madrid (+1,0%), Aragon (+1.7%) and Basque Country (+3.1 per cent). In the following table you can see the figures more clearly.

Previsión de ventas de coches de ocasión en 2016

The sales professionals will grow by 23% and continue subtracting prominence to transactions between private individuals.

Forecast of Sales of Cars Occasion, 2016 by CC.AA.

CC.AA. Unidades % Variación
Andalucía 339.840 +9,9%
Aragón 49.920 +1,7%
Asturias 42.240 +6,9%
Baleares 57.600 +10,2%
Canarias 88.320 +7,1%
Cantabria 23.040 +5,4%
Castilla-The Stain 96.000 +11%
Castile and León 97.920 +7,4%
Cataluña 311.040 -1,6%
C. Valenciana 199.680 +7,6%
Extremadura 46.080 +7,6%
Galicia 113.280 +5,6%
The Rioja 11.520 -0,7%
Madrid 268.800 +1,0%
Murcia 63.360 +7,6%
Navarra 28.800 +6,4%
Country Vasco 77.490 +3,1%