Sales of cars of the occasion will rub 2 million units in 2018

Coches de ocasión

sales of cars of the occasion will rub 2 million units in 2018.

According to a report published by the consultant MSI and echoes Ancove, forecast of sales of cars of occasion in Spain during the next two years will maintain its current uptrend. And is that, it is expected that for the 2018 sold in Spain about 2 million vehicles of occasion, which will result in a growth of 11.5% with respect to sales to be recorded in 2017.

During the past year, 2016, and according to data from the IEA (Institute of Studies of Automotive) sales of cars occasion grew 12.3% accumulating a total volume of 1.941.073 used vehicles sold. A figure very close to the above-mentioned barrier of two million units. It is for this reason that possibly these forecasts look overly and in 2018, the automotive sector of occasion be able to close the year with more than two million cars sold.

In relation to commercial vehicles of occasion, a segment that is on the rise, it is expected to close this year to 2017 with a volume of nearly 350,000 units, which will represent a growth of 14.1% in comparison with the 306.014 units estimated to be sold in 2016 (+5.3% compared to the previous year). And for 2018, the consultancy provided is able to reach a figure exceeding 380,000 units, which will result in a growth of the 11,4%.

Coches de ocasión

cars of occasion of more than 10 years will continue to lose ground.

¿And what there is of it ageing of the fleet to Spanish? In the case of used vehicles, according to these data, the deliveries of the models with more than ten years of seniority will be reduced in 2018 to 56.1% of the total of operations with a volume of 1.08 million units and a growth of only 1% with respect to the 2017.

Cars of occasion with more than 10 years

The employee’s cars and referred to as “young people” are gaining ground and consolidate its position as one of the first options for buyers Spanish. however, and although the change of trend is already a reality, can not prevent the progressive aging of the fleet. Factors such as the price and the economic situation remain the determining factors for many drivers opt for the market of the VO instead of buying a new car.

For their part, commercial vehicles of more than ten years, iran increased its weight in the set of sales used in the segment, going from a share of just under 60% in 2016 to 62% in 2017 and 62.7% in 2018, respectively.