Sales of new cars in the USA during October fall a 5,9%

Ford F-150 MVP EditionThe united States are experiencing a bad time in terms of new car sales is referred to. With October already going three months that their numbers closed in the negative, and that is not good for a market as important at the global level such as this. All the large manufacturers have seen their sales fell during this past month. The main decreases have been the Ford, Fiat Chrysler Cars, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and General Motors.

In this maelstrom of loss of sales only four brands of cars were able to grow the past month in the united States. The lucky ones are Subaru, Mitsubishi, Hyundai-Kia, Jaguar and Land Rover. However, this is not enough, as it is more than likely that the year 2016 does not reach the same sales that were recorded during the last year. This situation would confirm that the american market is stagnating and that the recovery of its economy would not be as strong.

Chrysler 200The sales of new vehicles between passenger cars and all light soils then fell during October by 5.9 percent reaching 1.370.721 units registered. If we translate these numbers and we’re going to the accumulated of the year, we can see that during the first ten months of the year enrolments have fallen over the same period of last year by 0.3 per cent. This fall represents total sales during 2016 14.472.007 units.

in Addition, until September this year, the global sales in 2016 compared to 2015 were 0.3 per cent ahead, but with the decline they have suffered in October, the market has matched. Therefore, it is more than likely that at the end of the year will see a growth rate of zero.

If we see the evolution that has suffered each brand during October, the worst stop has been Ford. The crash that has undergone the signing of the oval has been 12 percent, making its market share is the lowest since last year 2008. The second signature that more sales have been lost has been Fiat Chrysler Cars yielding a 10 percent of their sales. In third place we have the Toyota Engine with a 8.7 per cent of recoil compared to other months.

After these marks the falls most talked about have been those of Honda Motor Co with 4.2 percent, Nissan Motor Co to 2.2 percent and General Motors with a minimal 1.7 percent.

Source – Kelley Blue Book