Sales of passenger cars grew by 6.4% in the month of June

We are in the early days of a new month, July, and that means that we already have at our disposal the results of sales of passenger cars in the complete month of June 2017. In the past month were enrolled in a total of 132.261 passenger cars, representing a growth of of 6.4 % compared to June of 2016, which had exactly the same working days. So far in 2017, the accumulated sets out a market growth rate of 7.1 % with 670.979 enrolments.

If the last month, when we elaborate the analysis of the results of the month of may, spoke of tourism in Spain had led to clear increases in Rent a Car, this month has been a bit more loose for this channel. For its part, the channel business has grown significantly while that of individuals increases very slowly.

Registered for channels

Channel special

As noted above, the channel of individuals has completed the month of June with positive values, compared with the same month of 2016, having delivered 61.502 cars. This growth is situated in the to 3.3 %. is Always an important piece of information that this channel get positive numbers, but what is certain is that they are too slow and that, on the basis of Aniacam, there seems to have existed a good number of automatriculaciones. In the accumulated of the year, the sale of vehicles to private individuals has only grown 2.2 % with 315.093 units; a fact that should not satisfy us too.

Channel rental

The beginning of summer is heralded as a season very strong for the tourism in our country. It was for this reason that the companies of Rent a Car you anticipate to the renewal and improvement of its fleet in the month of may and record some data very high. In June, therefore, sales have been considerably lower 34.289 sales and a fall of 3.2 % in comparison with the same month of 2016. In the year so far this category has grown 9 %, acquiring 175.731 new passenger cars.


The companies bought in June of 2017 a total of 36.470 units, this being an increase of for 24.2 %. In the first nine months of the year, the channel has achieved an increase of 14.5 %, enrolling 180.155 cars.

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