Sales of passenger cars grow in may, but the particular channel slows down

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First day of the month and already we have with us the results on the sales of passenger cars last month, may 2017. If you remember, in the month of April, the sector suffered a strong slowdown of sales of cars, mostly originating from the celebration of the Holy Week, which was April, a month with fewer working days compared to April of the previous year. In may 2017, we have had the same working days in may of 2016.

During the past 31 days enrolled a total of 126.998 cars, representing a increase of 11.1 % compared with the same month of the year predecessor. This growth has been due, in large measure, to the increase in the demand for vehicles in the channels of companies and rental cars. In the year to date have been marketed 538.710 cars, 7.2 % more than in the first five months of 2016.

Registered for channels

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Channel special

the channel of The particular has ended the month with positive values. In total, in the month of may, have been recorded 55.764 sales to individuals, assuming that a to rise 5.6 %. it is striking that, although there are data growth, the percentage is slightly less than half of the increase in sales in the channel business. You’ll probably need urgently some help plans to purchase new vehicles. In the accumulated of the year, this channel has experienced a increase of only 2.1 %, registering 247.954 cars.

Channel rental

In comparison with may 2016, the increase in sales has been 18 % thanks to the delivery of 40.250 cars. The car rental companies begin to prepare their fleets for the summer season. In the accumulated already added 141.442 units, a growth of to 12.5 % in comparison with the first five months of the past year.


The companies acquired in may a total of 30.984 passenger cars, assuming that an increase in to 13.2 % in comparison with the same month of the last year. If we look at the accumulated, this channel has enrolled 143.678 cars, increasing the data in a vs. 12.2 % in comparison with the sales in the first nine months of the year 2016 in these same months.

– Source ANFAC