Sales of passenger cars to individuals decreased 4 % in July

First hours of this month of August and we already have the records of sales of passenger cars July 2017. The news is not good, since the general growth of all the channels has been only 2.5 % thanks to the 109.948 units registered. In the seven months far this year have been enrolled a total of 777.442 vehicles, assuming a growth of 6.4 % in comparison with the first seven months of 2016.

If the past month we’d groan over the slow growth of the channel special, with the data in this ended month of July, 2017, we complain even more. In comparison with the same month of the last year have been obtained negative values and in the accumulated remains fairly constant. Maybe you need plans that encourage the purchase of your new vehicle or, why not say it, a more stable jobs and better paid jobs.

Registered for channels

Enrollment of individuals

The channel in particular has had a decline of 3.9 % in this past month of July, compared with the same month of the previous year. Registered 60.307 enrolments in the 31 days of July. If we take a look at the accumulated values are best, but also not too optimistic. The growth in these first seven months has been 1.3 %, with 368.693 units.

Enrolments of alquiladoras

, While the channel of the particular low, the companies of rent of vehicles grows. The 15.625 units registered have helped them grow 5.9 % with respect to July 2016. July is a month with a lot of volume for this channel, as they prepare prior to the arrival of tourism. Comparing the cumulative 2016 and 2017 until the seventh month, the rise stood at 8.8 %, reaching the 191.347 cars sold.

Registration of firms

The channel companies has also gone up in this past month. The growth has been a 14.2 % thanks to the 34.016 sales. Between the months of January and July have been marketed 217.402 units through this channel, obtaining a total growth on the year so far at 14 %.

Diesel or gasoline

Each time, there are less customers who decide to purchase vehicles with diesel engines. Before they exceed the 60 %, but the majority is becoming more aware of that is the engine difficult to pay off economically, more polluting and, in addition, they run the risk of not being able to access certain cities the short-medium term. In July, the scale has been a 47,5 % for petrol cars, 47.3% for diesel and 5.2 % for hybrid and electric. We are pleased to see that the alternative systems are also the most requested in our country.

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