Salon de Los Angeles: Honda Civic Coupe 2016, the compact version for the american market

Since a few months ago we first saw the Honda Civic Sedan 2016, we learned that the japanese brand also worked in a body more compact for the american market. It has become official today, the Honda Civic Coupe 2016 is presented with a style very bold and with technology of last generation.


A great design work by Honda

The Hall of Los Angeles was the venue chosen for his debut. However it should be remembered that few days ago we could already see his silhouette completely discovered thanks to some spy photos revealing. A style that, unfortunately, we will not see in Europe, where the Honda Civic will continue with its traditional style, compact.

The Honda Civic of tenth generation is slightly larger than its predecessor. Only a few inches more on all the dimensions you leave the light a great design. From the front to the behind shows a sporty style, and risky, very taste american. Although the dynamic approach comes in the packages more daring.

Of closed doors the Honda Civic is a continuation of the risky exterior design, although in this case is complete with the introduction of the latest technology available in the japanese brand. digital Screens to take control of the dashboard and the central console, which with its seven-inch size will handle all on-board systems.


The inside is digital almost in its entirety. Surprised by the lack of buttons

As expected the team of infotainment and connectivity are two important aspects of the equipment. Despite the fact that the americans are very given to the improvement of sound, Honda has already provided the latest on the market. Audio streaming, digital radio, as well as greater compatibility with Android and Apple CarPlay.

Under all of that design hide improved mechanical. Its launch will occur with two petrol engines. The first will be a two-liter DOHC-VTEC with 158 horsepower, its associated series with a automatic CVT, although you can also opt for a manual gearbox of six speeds with a softer setting.

on the other hand, we find a completely new engine, a block of four-cylinder and 1.5-liter DOCH Turbo and direct injection that will be able to deliver 174 horsepower of power. This engine replaces the 1.8 above, and is not only capable of delivering 31 horses more but it also shows less consumerist. Soon we’ll reach the units most performance of all with the name Type-R.


units Type-R will be coming soon, but what will

finally, we must talk about safety. As we have already said Honda has integrated the best technology possible, and much of the same is used in to improve the dimensions of internal security. This is why we see a large amount of airbags, as well as a reinforced structure and a team of support systems that have allowed it to get five stars in the safety tests of the united States.