Salon de Tokyo: Toyota Kikai Concept, a prototype analog in an era of connectivity


The Toyota KIKAI let all your mechanical discovered

Toyota never ceases to amaze us. The vehicle manufacturer japanese has had the audacity to present a prototype analog next to the avant-garde FCV Plus. Against the position of the concept urban fully connected and whose instrumentation is directly projected on the windshield, we find that the Toyota KIKAI Concept has dials with needles analog.

The KIKAI Concept is an ode to the wonder pure to the machines from its simplicity. the view is all the machinery of the vehicle: engine, exhaust system, suspensions and the fuel tank. The structure is completely made of metal and lacks of bumper conventional. Its appearance is closer to that of a buggy or Hot Rod a conventional vehicle.

The vehicle presented in Tokyo has a design so simple that it has optical, circular, very compact, both in the front as well as behind. Inside we find space for three people in a configuration very distinctive driver in the center and passengers on both sides a little more behind, as in the McLaren F1.

The glass surfaces of the windshield and the windows of the doors extend up to invade part of the roof, that way offers a better vision for the companions of the urban environment or rural. We don’t know the engine that leads but four-cylinder peek in the behind.

Mechanical view, three seats and areas of needle analog

Without a doubt it is the driver who will enjoy the back to the analog era Toyota KIKAI. The dashboard is as simple as in the vehicles of yesteryear, and four spheres of the needle of a lifetime show the information that we need. Observe with special attention the browser analog of the area located further to the right.

To the left of the position of the driver we will find a clock, and the fuel meter more retro we can find. Another peculiarity remarkable are the windows to the feet where we can observe the movements of the tires, the turn, and the suspensions at the same time that will provide us with a greater sense of speed.


it Is anecdotal to see a prototype spheres with analog in to the end of 2015