Salon de Tokyo: Yamaha Sports Ride Concept, a ‘feather-weight’ in Tokyo

we All know Yamaha due to his fame in the world of motorcycles, but in each edition of the Salon Automobile local is encouraged to submit a prototype four-wheel drive. The Hall of Tokyo 2015 has not been an exception and the adventure has given place to the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept.

The prototype of the japanese brand debuts to your public as a sporty two-seater of small size. With only 3,90 metres long, 1,72 metres wide and 1,17 meters high, the Sports Ride takes advantage of the novel fabrication process called iStream that premiered on their previous concept, the utility Yamaha MOTIV.

The development of this sports car has lasted five months and has been in the care of Gordon Murray, exdiseñador of models as well-known as the iconic McLaren F1 of the 90’s. In terms of the design of this concept has been the work of the team led by Dezi Nagaya, exdiseñador Toyota.


As a model of aspirations is the sports Sports Ride Concept offers a passenger compartment in which the occupants are seated in a position very low and the cockpit around the rider. The prototype of Yamaha’s presented in Tokyo has turned to carbon fibre to be a featherweight: in the scale sheds 750 pounds, and the figure is really impressive.

technical specification little is known yet and, in fact, the japanese manufacturer has not reported any information about the mechanics who uses his latest creation. The rumors that run around the Room -and that there is always that catch with pins – speak to us of a small gasoline engine of three cylinders and 1.0 litre with a power that could rounds the 70-80 HP.

There seems to be a cavalry very high, so in pure performance it may not be very spectacular. However, given the lightness of the car, we are confident that this Yamaha might be a fun machine feelings that will be able to bring a smile to any twisty roads.