Salon Tokyo 2015: Mitsubishi eX Concept, a SUV electric that will come to production


After a first advancement, the Mitsubishi eX Concept presents high for everything in the Lounge of Tokyo in 2015, showing us part of what is to come for part of the mark. As I had counted, Mitsubishi bet on the SUV and the electric, and this is a good example of this.

The Mitsubishi eX Concept, we could encompass within the SUV, more compact size, with 4,24 metres in length, but it is much more than that. In the first place, this prototype anticipates the new design language ‘Dynamic Shield‘ that will be applied to your next models, and is noted for its sharp headlamps and a large grille that extends all over your bumper.

The side profile is very dynamic, and it might remind you slightly to a Range Rover Evoque. A detail very curious about this prototype is the the absence of B-pillar and the opening of their doors in the rear, in reverse to the traditional, leaving a very open space for access to the cab. A detail, on the other hand, more common in prototypes, and unlikely to reach the production model.


Is the turn to focus, precisely, on the importance of this Mitsubishi eX, which goes beyond a simple prototype of the exhibit. Mitsubishi has confirmed that it will reach the production between 2017 and 2019, in the form of a new model. In addition, it will be fully electric, like this ‘concept car’.

Your system Twin Motor 4WD is formed by two electric motors, one per axle, giving as a result the all-wheel drive and a power of 140 km (190 HP). It has put a lot of effort in weight reduction and in the development of lithium-ion batteries of new generation, located under your chassis to lower the center of gravity. As a result, the promise of Mitsubishi is that it will exceed the 400 km of autonomy.

Its technology is also ahead of the present, incorporating functions driving semi-autonomous, many electronic systems and active safety augmented reality in your windshields, by way of a HUD enhanced with additional functions and services of driving assistance. Even replace your exterior rearview mirrors for monitors side view: this is the future that proposes Mitsubishi.