Samsung Connect Car brings the internet of things to your vehicle


Not only smartphones and televisions are living the biggest tech companies, but tell that to Samsung, whose coverage seems to have no limits as to expand into the automotive sector. If some months ago presented a solution to the poor visibility that had the drivers circulating behind a truck now presents a peripheral to connect the car to the internet of things.

Samsung Connect Auto is a peripheral that connects to the the OBD-II port, the connection that bring most vehicles from the year 1996 under the steering wheel used in the workshops to connect to the computer onboard, you can to create a WiFi network in the interior of the vehicle and allows real time access to the data of the trip computer.

For the part of software, Samsung has been committed to developing applications compatible with Android and iOS so that the users do not have problem in query this information either from the vehicle itself as a cloud.

This device also offers other features quite useful as “Find My Car” so that we know at all times where is located our car, something that drivers who park in car parks, extensive thank you.

For the device to work makes the need to hire a data rate with any telephone operator. Currently only has support for AT&T but when it comes to Europe surely other operators will be uploaded to the car.

Samsung Connect Self will come out during the second half of the year in the united States and is expected to hit the rest of the world. It is not known at the moment the price.