Samsung could have very soon a battery with 600 km of autonomy

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automobile industry global advances inexorably to the electrification. The marks and groups are working to make their electric cars to be the best in everything, and that includes the duration of their batteries. Toyota has achieved significant gains by modifying the composition of these and Tesla continues to the head with the best autonomies of the world. However, it seems that Samsung she wants to lead the race in terms of energy capacity and autonomy of the new batteries is concerned.

taking Advantage of the framework of the Auto Detroit Show the japanese firm has decided to take a new battery that is capable of storing in its interior a greater intensity of load. According to the firm’s current batteries on the market are formed by 12 cells that are capable of storing about 2.3 kWh of energy. However, they are working to create batteries with 24 cells and that are able to store up 6.8 kWh of energy.

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therefore, if the same battery size we have more than double capacity energy, we have that the autonomy is doubled without much effort. In addition, the increase of energy capacity is not the only news we have announced for this new generation of batteries could increase your upload speed exponentially. As fast load in a matter of 20 minutes plugged in to the network could provide the driver with a range of 500 kilometers.

In the case that the vehicle had battery-to-load stop the car could travel without great effort up to 600 kilometers. To be certain this data revolution in terms of electric vehicles is yet to come. However Samsung SDI (subsidiary in charge of the design and development of batteries of the signature) has not commented further details – how about composition or internal structure. Only has confirmed that could be on the market in the coming year 2021 making cars that incorporate have a price obtained and an autonomy outside of the whole test.

We will be attentive to the future of Samsung and the interesting story.

Source – Samsung