Samsung may already be testing its autonomous cars on the roads in south Korean

Tráfico en Seúl - Corea del Sur

Traffic in Seoul, capital of South Korea.

The South Korean government has granted a new authorization to allow another company to be able to tests with their vehicles driving autonomous on the roads of the asian country. In particular it has been Samsung, the technology giant, which already can “out ride” its prototype autonomous cars to continue with its programme of research and development.

The authorization approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea. Although without going into details, the authorization allows Samsung test technologies for driving autonomous that is developing in real-world conditions. According to information published by a local media, the south Korean company is using a vehicle from Hyundai to test their cameras, radars, sensors, and modules of data processing.

as with the project of Apple related to the conduct autonomous, Samsung shall not enter into the battle to develop and market an autonomous car. Instead, work to create the ideal technology that can be implemented in vehicles of any manufacturer that is willing to pay the price that is posted. The most logical thing in this aspect is that the company sign a collaboration agreement with one or several manufacturers to provide them exclusive in its technology.

Samsung en Corea del Sur

Samsung is developing technologies for driving autonomous.

From South Korea is looking for, as it occurs with other countries like China or Sweden, to encourage and support the development of automobile autonomous facilitating the regulation and the evidence on environments of real traffic. In recent years, the regulation of the asian country has been adapting until you reach the current point, in which the rules only requires that you have a driver on board the vehicle. it Is expected that in the short term, it permits the circulation of prototypes without a steering wheel or pedals.

Currently, the south Korean government has granted the relevant authorisations to nearly 20 companies to test their autonomous cars on public roads. Hyundai was the first to receive the nod.

Samsung is positioning itself as one of the great references to technology within the automotive sector. Proof of this is the recent acquisition of Harman International Industries, being the most important operation in the history of the company abroad. You now have the control of brands such as JBL, Revel, AKG or Harman Kardon. In addition, the investment to be a leading actor in the sustainable mobility with the production of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars.