Samsung SDI will be the supplier of batteries Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors

Prototype pre-production of the first model that will ship Lucid Motors.

“startup” Lucid Motors with headquarters in the united States and backed by capital chinese has signed a major collaboration agreement with Samsung SDI to become your supplier of lithium-ion batteries. In this way, the first electric vehicle production that Lucid Motors will launch to the market (expected by year-end 2018) will be provided with battery of Samsung SDI.

Is a very significant deal as it comes to ratify that the project started some years ago by Lucid Motors (manufacturer formerly known as Atieva) is on the right track. Recently we did echo of the intentions of the company to produce its electric vehicles in Arizona (united States) from the year 2018. In particular, they have chosen the town of Casa Grande as the site of his future factory.

Albert Liu, Director of Battery Technology, Lucid Motors, has been very pleased with the signing of this agreement with Samsung SDI since it will allow you to have some of the best lithium-ion batteries market. In addition, both companies emphasize that they are working together for the development of batteries of new generation which offer a useful life greater as well as better quality standards.

Lucid Motors y Samsung SDI

Lucid Motors and Samsung SDI have signed a collaboration agreement.

┬┐What will be the first model of Lucid Motors? today we continue with the same data that you’ve offered in previous articles. It is known that the first production model of the company will be a vehicle with the power to rival the “all-powerful” in German. Could be baptized as Atvus, although it is not confirmed.

In his heart, will have two electric motors that would yield a power of approximately 1000 HP, while its pack of lithium-ion batteries (in this case Samsung) with a capacity of 87 kWh allows you to set a autonomy of close to 500 kilometers. Also comes with the comment that Lucid Motors could launch a version of high range of this model with a battery of increased capacity that will enable people to overcome the barrier of 600 km autonomy with a single charge.

Currently Samsung SDI is playing a very important role within the market of the electric vehicle, since provided the batteries that are used by numerous models such as the BMW i3.