Samsung step on the accelerator to lead the market of autonomous vehicles, driverless car

Behind an autonomous car is much more than a car manufacturer launching a vehicle capable of navigating without the intervention of a driver. Behind an autonomous car there are, on the whole, a lot of technology, sensors, displays, processors, integrated circuits of all kinds, logical, concrete processing, or, in short, the perfect setting for the emergence of new partners, such as technology companies. That is why we are not surprised that Google would begin to work with their own autonomous car, or in Apple work from long ago on a secret project, which could lead to the of Cupertino to launch their own car. That’s why nor do we wonder that Samsung Electronics Co. is putting all the meat on the spit to grow as a supplier to the automotive industry.

Samsung wants to become one of the main technology providers to the automotive industry.

beyond autonomous cars, Samsung is confident to become the right partner of the marks for the development of entertainment systems, and advanced connectivity that will be incorporated in this automotive industry as a preliminary step, natural, to the marketing of the first autonomous cars.

Samsung would have already signed an alliance with Audi, following the example of its compatriot LG, which is already providing a large number of components to General Motors for the launch of its new electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Bolt.


  • just As important is the technology business that is generating, and will generate in the coming years, the automobile industry, that the technology can’t stay out of it.

    Think that the business of the autonomous car is just the tip of the iceberg. Modern cars are becoming, increasingly, in a smartphone on wheels, as confirmed by Martin Winterkorn at the presentation commented on Frankfurt show in September. According to the consulting firm Gartner Inc. and Samsung, technology firms face a market that is expected to grow to 32.700 million in 2016 (see report of Samsung and Gartner Inc.)

    Gartner Inc. not only hopes that the technology, like Apple and Google, diversify its business into the automobile industry, but also some automobile manufacturers to diversify the his toward the business of technology over the next few years.

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