Samsung wants to be the main actor in the driving autonomous

Samsung Logoyou can’t say that Samsung is a unknown company in the automotive sector. Its tentacles extend from the manufacturing of batteries, to systems of connectivity and touch screens for our dashboards. In addition, until not so long ago were interested in buy an important part (if not all) of Marelli and some of them the components company of the Group Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA).

do not, however, want to remain as mere spectators and want to move to the action. And how they could take action to become a lead actor? Well very simple, the next Monday, Samsung will buy the american company Harman for a total amount of 8,000 million dollars. With this purchase you will enter fully into the market for autonomous cars by acquiring all the know-how that has this company.

Coche Google

autonomous Car of Google

The main business of Harman focuses on the manufacture of systems of high-end audio as well as other systems of infotainment on board. These systems are equipped with connection to the internet and are being mounted on models from manufacturers such as General Motors or Fiat Chrysler Cars.

These technologies could be of great help if Samsung decide to truly get to design his first car, electric or self-employed. we must Not forget that the firm competes on equal terms with Apple, and it has to leave (not what we believe as well) the race to design and manufacture its own autonomous vehicle to focus exclusively on the development of the artificial intelligence that will take the cars of the competition.

If the removal of Apple were real, it would enable Samsung next to Google, to be the first signatures are not specialists in the automotive sector in the market an autonomous vehicle functional. Will have to see how it materializes, the acquisition of Harman and how Samsung carries out the development of your hypothetical autonomous car.

Source – Samsung