Sauber admits his interest in Formula E


it is no secret that the Formula E represents a
showcase increasingly interesting
and remains patent with the debut of Jaguar
in the event this same weekend, or the reservation of a place that has served Mercedes-Benz in the face of ‘Season Five’. With brands such as Audi, BMW, Mahindra,
DS or Renault competing in the contest and others like the McLaren waiting for his
turn to join the championship on a technical level, it is not surprising that
interest Sauber for the Formula E
, as it has confessed itself Monisha
Kaltenborn in a statement to the half-brazilian UOL.

Responsible for the Sauber F1 Team has admitted at Suzuka that
swiss team thought of entering the Formula E
and that the category electric
FIA is still in the radar of the formation: “We’ve been interested in
Formula E from the beginning and the door is still open
. However, the
responsible for Sauber knows that the arrival of different manufacturers can
raise the dispute of the Formula E: it Will be interesting to see how it is
develops the category
, something that may take five or six years, or for the
contrary less time. We’ll have to see what happens with the new

As is logical, the delicate economic situation of Sauber has
been one of the factors that in some measure have curbed the pretensions of the
swiss team: We have had other financial problems by solve
the last few months and the truth is that we did not need a new one. Even so, we will
to continue looking at the Formula And with care
In this aspect, it is worth remembering
the training switzerland has been chosen to compete in
2017 with the engines of Ferrari, 2016, decision that will reduce costs, but also a notable loss of performance relative to rivals.