Sauber also ask for advance payments to Ecclestone


Force India and Manor were the first teams that applied for an advance of the payments from the FOM, but they are not the only ones that have decided to take this step. Sauber has called on Ecclestone to grant an advance to the training concept of the awards that correspond to the team by its historical state, the points achieved and the position in the Constructors ‘ Championship. Although the norm dictates that these payments are made on a monthly basis between February and November, Monisha Kaltenborn has requested in a formal way, the FOM that Sauber can receive this payment in advance.

this has been confirmed by the own Monisha Kaltenborn in ‘Autosport’, where he stated: “we Saw our rivals do it, and that can give them advantage. It is a possibility that we will facilitate things so that we’ve done the same. In this line of argument, the patron saint of Sauber added: “We are entering a phase in which it is difficult to overcome those costs, since we do not receive any source of income of the FOM. I don’t think anyone can be against replicate what other teams have already achieved. It would not be a comfortable state”.

In this way, Sauber expects no opposition from the rest of the teams and be able to enjoy liquidity immediately in a phase of the year very important to the structure of Hinwill. The formation facing the development of its new single-seater , and is creating the foundations of the sports project of 2016. This request for advancement of Monisha Kaltenborn is not only supposed to deal with warranties for the period November 2015 to February 2016, in which there are no payments from the FOM, but also get that Sauber does not start with a disadvantage in relation to rivals that they had already applied for this payment.