Sauber asked of Liberty Media into a new Agreement for the Concordia


The Agreement of the Concordia was born in the early 80’s in full ascension of the figure of Bernie Ecclestone as the manager of the commercial rights of Formula 1. Since then, the agreement has been renewed in getting to the current contract that expires in 2020.

But the equipment modest it is have always been unhappy with the conditions of the said agreement and, along with the public intention of Liberty Media to readjust the distribution of economic of a more equitable, there are several voices calling for new negotiations.

The more insistent in this regard is the Head of the team Sauber, Monisha Kaltenborn, which considers it essential to address the issue immediately if you really want to improve the competition. “If you want to make the competition more tight, can not work as well. So I think that everything has to be reviewed and have an entirely new basis. The competition has to be more exciting. No matter the theme that you try, in the end we have to make sure that the competition is exciting for our target audience and that are the fans”, said Kaltenborn in a statement to RACER.

Sauber argues that, to improve the competition, it is essential to equate the budgets of the teams present on the grid and this will spread the benefits relating to the commercial rights of a mode more equitable. “With the system that we have and by what they say the new owners, we don’t know how it will work until this year. I really hope that is not delayed to 2020 because I’m sure that when you make an investment so large, is because it has a business plan that you can begin to put in place as soon as he arrives, and not in 2020”, concluded Monisha Kaltenborn, who has always been critical with the way of acting of Bernie Ecclestone and the teams with the most powerful of the grill.