Sauber, between the amputation of the finger of a mechanic and his journey marathoner to Baku


The well-known phrase ‘Motorsport is dangerous’ has taken on a new dimension, in this case, by an unfortunate incident that occurred in the past Monaco Grand Prix and that has transcended this week.

According to a report in the newspaper ‘Blick’, a member of the team Sauber has suffered the amputation of the finger of a foot after a truck rolled over. The mechanic was helping to load the tires to the truck of the team, after the dispute of the race in which his two pilots crashed among themselves.

This is the last incident of a Sauber that is not going through its best days. The economic difficulties facing the veteran squad switzerland has forced them to cut spending, to the point that the journey from Europe to Canada and back has been a problem for them.

unlike the rest of the teams were not able to take a charter flight direct from Montreal to Baku, but that the equipment is returned to Zurich to travel by road to Azerbaijan, passing by Istanbul. “It’s cheaper”, says a source computer to Blick, despite the fact that that route are 4.397 km and 49 hours drive without stops.