Sauber expected to confirm its engine in 2018, before the summer break


judging by the acts and declarations of the last few hours, and a number have been the decisions of Monisha Kaltenborn who have not liked at Longbow Finance and many of them have had to do with the engine.

The first of them, the decision to resign from the engine of 2017 for this season, something that has left Sauber far behind its rivals in terms of performance, as the Ferrari engine from last year is not getting update of any kind.

The second, the agreement with Honda, which eventually has been broken by the doubts generated in the swiss team. This has been confirmed Frederic Vasseur, substitute Kaltenborn from a few weeks ago. “on the one hand we are in a very difficult situation in terms of performance and we need to have a reference. We don’t know exactly what will happen with the agreement between McLaren and Honda, it was a complicated situation for us,”, commented at the Hungaroring the French.

Vasseur ensures that the decision has been taken by both parties after more than a week of talks. “it Was a mutual decision, I think that the start of talks between Sauber and Honda was eight months ago and the situation has changed dramatically for both parties. Acordarmos was best for all to end the conversations”.


The engine is a structural part of the car and also influences the aerodynamics of the same.

Engine and gearbox

But time passes and, while the rest of the teams already working intensively on the single seater next year, Sauber slowed their work waiting to know what engine you will use, something that has a decisive impact on all aspects of the car.

we Need to move forward in the design of the car, I hope we can close a deal before the summer break

Vasseur intends to close an agreement at the very latest the first week of August, which is when the teams are forced to cease its activity during two weeks. “We have to find a new partner. We don’t have many suppliers of engines in the paddock and we can close a deal very soon. Sooner the better, we need to advance in the design of the car. I hope we can do it before the summer break”.

Vasseur must deal with Mercedes, Ferrari or Renault an agreement that includes the engine and the gearbox, since it is impossible for Sauber to design this second element in time to be available in 2018. “In our situation, we need to achieve a global agreement, engine and gearbox. We will not be able to build our own gearbox in the coming year and we are negotiating a global agreement”.

Finally, the head of the swiss team, confirmed that the agreement will be on a motor 2018, and not of the present season, as this year’s experience has shown that the performance is very lower. “we’re in a complicated situation this year, we do not have updates during the season (on the engine), or in the fuel or in lubricants. I think that in a given time is more complicated to motivate the team if you start the season with an engine from the previous year. We need to have the latest specification engine, that’s for sure”, said Frederic Vasseur, without a doubt, discontent with the fact that they have to have the Ferrari engine, 2016 until the end of the season.