Sauber expected to reach the Manor while you prepare 2017


Monisha Kalterborn breathe quiet after several months of uncertainty, the fears for the disappearance of the team Sauber. Numerous economic problems and several delays in the payment of the payroll had left the swiss team with no option to develop a single-seater already very limited.

“Now that we are relieved, we can re-focus on surrender.”

Kalterborn is shown relieved by the arrival of Longbow Finance, a swiss company that has acquired the entire team, which was about to disappear. “The
fear is always there, because you never know what can happen. It is
what makes the operation (find an investor) so hard,
because you are in survival mode. Now
we are relieved and the new owners have brought
stability that is so essential, we can begin to focus on
the performance of the new
, begin to focus on restructuring
procedures, which is what we wanted from long ago and not
we could do”

Now, the roadmap is more ambitious and the single seater this year, you will receive some new parts that, until now, had been impossible of use because of lack of funds. Kalterborn, in an interview granted to GPUpdate, claims that the car will receive “certain
pieces that we wanted to use and could not be by
financial reasons. But,
clearly, we expect to see much more, and what we will see next year
because we are focused on the car next year.
There are new
rules and I believe 100% that our people will be able to make a car
competitive. What we have done in the past

Objective: Manor

For his part, Marcus Ericsson highlights the atmosphere now in the team, much more calm and hopeful, and set as a goal to get points to be able to finish the season ahead of Manor, bypassing the final spot in the championship. we Need to be back in the points, it is very important, especially after Manor puntuara. That is the main goal. The atmosphere within the team is more positive. Had a difficult situation before they arrive to the new owner, with the salaries. A lot of people were not sure of his future in the team. Now you feel more positivity when you talk to people. All will go well in the second half of the season in terms of development”.

“we Need to go back to points, is the objective”

The pilot Swedish, in a statement to Autosport, says that Sauber is in a position to ascend in the grill taking advantage of the arrival of better and that the rest of the teams have focused almost 100% on the season 2017. “it Seems
a lot of people in the grill has finished
its evolution
and maybe
give smaller steps after the break. With luck, we will give
bigger steps with the improvements, already
who will arrive later than expected, and will
a higher jump”