Sauber is already planning to start work on the car 2018


Sauber is living a second youth after the arrival of Longbow Finance, which not only saved the team’s disappearance, but which enabled him to resume the program of development of the car of 2016, and also the contracting of face-to-2017.

In this way, together with Xevi Pujolar, or Ruth Buscombe, came one of the engineers most prestigious in the world of the resistance: Jörg Zander, who had already been earlier in Sauber.

Now Jörg Zander serves as Technical Director, and seeks to contribute decisively to the rise of the team to positions more competitive. The ex-Audi has faced issues of a technical nature, as the comparison between the WEC and Formula 1, or the impact of the new regulation. But also other issues such as their work in the swiss team, the expectations for the season 2017, or the project 2018.

the potential of the infrastructure of Sauber

“The team wants to change, to have stability and a direction and that is what we try to get together. The technical conditions are ideal. In terms of development and production, we are independent, which enables short development cycles and flexibility”.

“The wind tunnel Sauber is one of the most developed level of aerodynamic in the world of professional engine. models for wind tunnel they are created in a short period of time, with our own prototyping system with SLS and SLA Systems. That provides an aerodynamic development efficient. As for the chassis, we can create structures composed of carbon for ourselves”.

The tasks of a Technical Director

“My tasks focus on the definition and optimization of the organizational structure at the technical level. We have engineers and technicians bright, so we have to combine these skills and resources in function of the requirements. it Is important that we can optimize our communication and decision-making processes to be able to work more efficiently”.

“in Addition, my focus is in engineering, leading and guiding the construction and development departments. The concept of our cars of racing is mainly defined by the dynamic vehicular, aerodynamics, and construction. In addition to the empirical investigations in the wind tunnel, the functionalities and dynamics of the vehicle are analyzed and predetermined with the help of the simulation. I Want to make sure that the analytical processes to define the concepts vehicle are connected so that we can produce results efficiently”.


Resistance vs. Formula 1

“In the resistance, we use different types of cars with various technologies motor. There are prototypes of open and closed with hybrid technology, as well as sports car GT similar to the street. In the WEC (World Endurance Championship), the LMP1-H are for the car manufacturers. On the basis of equivalent technology (EoT), several power trains are possible. That means that different concepts of combustion engines (diesel or gasoline) and hybrid systems with transmission power of up to 8 megajoules (MJ) per lap are allowed in Le Mans”.

“This is comparable with the Formula 1 in a track average with 4MJ. The content of the hybrid energy is similar in Formula 1 with the 4MJ per lap. The MGU-K (energy recovery system heat) of an LMP1-H is mounted on the front axle. With the way the ‘boost’ these cars to speed up with the four-wheel-drive, something which is not possible in a Formula 1”.

“In F1 the performance is limited to the maximization of the volumetric flow. The LMP1-H are also limited: are around 100 kg heavier and only have a defined amount of energy available per lap. The development in the cars of the WEC focuses on the racing at Le Mans, and the cars are specifically designed for that career. The downforce of a Formula 1 is significantly higher”.

“Both vehicles differ slightly on the general concept. Both have a lightweight construction: they have carbon fiber chassis, as well as systems of double a-arm suspension with complex elements, springs and dampers, and carbon / carbon brakes to high performance. With more than 1,000 horsepower and all-wheel drive, the cars of the WEC are, despite their high weight, very fast, but in about ten seconds slower on the Grand Prix tracks compared with the Formula 1”.

The new regulation

“The cars will be more widths, from 1,80 to 2 meters. We will also have tyres with a 25% wider, spoilers, front and rear will also be more wide and the diffuser will increase. All of this means more downforce, more grip and lap times faster. The speed of step-by-curve will increase, as well as the drag”.

“therefore, the regulation of the energy recovery will change. The car will have a lower top speed, but will be able to brake later, thanks to the increased downforce. The braking distance is shortened, so that has an impact on the recovery of energy. There will be a need for having different profiles of deck and strategies in order to collect the limited energy of 2MJ in the MGU-K. The concept of aerodynamic will be crucial again, the power train insurance will play an important role, but at the beginning of the season the chassis, as well as the reliability, will make the diferencia”.


The goal for 2017

“I Want to see a clear improvement with respect to last year. All of us in Hinwil what we want to see. Our goal is to establish ourselves in the middle of the grill, in comparison with the last year, we will implement our development plan for the entire season. But we have to be realistic and know that our reference is to a level lower than that of some of our competitors. We are going according to plan, with the C36 and we are optimistic about our current development is going in the right direction. 2017 will be an important year for us, the structure and processes of optimization have to be defined and implemented. The team has to accept these changes and feel comfortable with the new circumstances, that takes time”.

Thinking 2018

“Along with the technical team, I’ll start with the car of 2018 soon. Will not happen too soon, since we have to carry out a fundamental analysis on where we are at the beginning of 2017. I want to have a well-organized team with employees satisfied and motivated. I also want long-term stability, I am very optimistic and I think that what we can get”.