Sauber is entrusted to an important evolution from Austria


A power unit of the year preceding the season in force and the recent financial crisis are not the best ingredients to get good results in Formula 1. The team Sauber exceeds only to McLaren in the constructors ‘ championship, and it’s all thanks to the 8-position of Pascal Wehrlein in the past Great Prize of Spain.

Used to be the red lantern of the grill race after race, the Hinwil expect to be able to threaten little by little the positions of the teams that are struggling usually to get into the area of points. The budget so tight with that feature, even more so if compared directly with the structures that contest the world, find it difficult to the fact that trying to scale any square.

“The car is not where it should be”, confesses Monisha Kaltenborn, boss of the swiss team. “The technical team has to improve now his competitiveness, that is the obvious target. Are aware of this, and now it’s up to them to try to take the next step with the package that you want to implement between Silverstone and Spielberg”.

The GP of Azerbaijan will once again be a torment for Sauber; the longest straight of the championship will do them a disservice, to them and their propellant outdated. In two weeks, the beginning of a C36 renewed will land in Great Britain, while the last race before the summer break will witness the last step of this series of improvements. “we will Mount a first part in Spielberg, and then at Silverstone and Budapest, so that should be a great advance. We’ll see where it takes us”.

Kaltenborn says that the challenge to the teams ahead of them “it has to be our goal”. “Our purpose remains to get inside the peloton for intermediate and see how far we can go. I believe that we can achieve this, but it’s not going to happen only with thought”. . In addition, he adds that the technical team is the one who has to make the effort in these moments, ensuring that “they have accepted it and now have to demonstrate that they dominate”.

The agreement with Longbow Finance changed the landscape with which to face the current season, and to this day, still walking, adjusting the latter processes. “Get processes begin to function again takes time, is not something that is resolved overnight, even you have a lot of time in the sport”. The first steps they took in 2017 were not focused in the right direction, because of these drawbacks, but Monisha expected to evolve step by step to give the key to. “however, I understand that it has taken a while. We were not in the right place to start, but if you look at the (aerodynamic, that’s where we had more problems and I don’t think that we have a bad wind tunnel. They have the tools, now its up to them”.