Sauber lambasted as “unacceptable” the conduct of Nasr and Ericsson in Monaco


The clash between Nasr and Ericsson at the Rascasse. Photo: Sauber

A double abandonment due to a clash between its two drivers is the nightmare of a Formula 1 team. And that happened in Sauber in the Grand Prix of Monaco. Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr collided with each other on lap 48, when you try the Swedish an overtaking impossible in the Rascasse after the brazilian refused to obey the order to let you pass.

The team leader of the team, switzerland, Monisha Kaltenborn, speaking to Autosport, he has criticized the conduct of their drivers, but has said that, after reading the riot act to both of them, she is confident that will not repeat a similar situation.

The two were wrong. Simply, it was something unacceptable and there is no turning back. To be honest, this is not the happiness of the pilots; We are a team and each one knows its obligations. There are a lot of people working hard to deliver a good performance and score a point, and these two young women must be aware of the work that is carried out during a weekend and that it is his responsibility to reach the goal.

In its defense, Felipe Nasr was mentioned that this was not the first occasion on which he had ignored team orders at Sauber, indicating that Ericsson is not obeyed on two occasions during the season 2015. Kaltenborn has not been defined, but has assured that, after conferring with its two pilots, is confident that will not repeat a similar situation.

No one expects them to be the best of friends. We’ve had a conversation, they have left things clear and I’m sure that an incident so will not be repeated and I will not have to re-tell the same thing in the future.

remember that the commissioners of the race considered to Ericsson at-fault accident and imposed a penalty of three positions in the starting grid of the Grand Prix of Canada, in addition to deducting two points on your license.