Sauber, on the brink of insolvency


The economic situation of Sauber begins to attain dyes desperate this season. Since losing the sponsorship of Telmex, the swiss team has an important lack of liquidity that led him to ask Ecclestone for a preview of their awards in the championship last year. This has resulted in slower development and less cash from your car this season. The results speak for themselves: Sauber occupies the penultimate position in the Constructors ‘ World, being one of the three teams, along with Renault and Manor, which you have not obtained points in the first two grand Prizes of 2016.

, The problems go far beyond a little car competitive. As reported by Autosport, the team led by Monisha Kaltenborn had not paid the monthly installments corresponding to the months of February and march to their employees. Given the possibility that the participation of the team in China would be in danger, this situation would have been settled this week thanks to the financial support of Marcus Ericsson, which would have provided the structure of Hinwil an advance to pay the wages owed.

own Kaltenborn works on a piecework basis, to ensure the survival of the team, and has had numerous conversations and negotiations, which prevented him from being present in Bahrain last week. It is well known that, in the last few weeks, have emerged information that pointed to the possibility that Ferrari chooses for acquiring the structure of Sauber and rename it as Alpha Romeo, within their plans to recover the inheritance of competition of the brand, while retaining the base in Hinwil. For the moment, the two parties have avoided to speak about it.

unfortunately for Sauber, few options remain to ensure its independence and existence in the new Formula 1, 2017. So soon, the team will be in the next Grand Prix, having already sent much of their equipment to China, and is expected to complete the european part of the calendar without major impediments, but the yoke of economic starts to tighten to a team that passes one of the most difficult moments of his 24 seasons in the maximum category, and that, unless they get more income from sponsorship, faces a bleak future in the short term.