Sauber writes his particular letter to the king magician Ecclestone

Monisha Kaltenborn en el muro de SauberSauber takes a few years complicated, not only in economic, but also in when to results. After a few years relatively well, but the current F1 seems to not favor the small teams as the Hinwill, despite the fact that others are complaining about the current F1 worry too much about the small teams and should not be so. In short, all are struggles of interest.

Sauber has wanted to write their particular letter Christmas which seems to ask Ecclestone, your santa Claus particular, that F1 must change. The letter contains a harsh critique of the current Formula 1 for that distribution is so unequal resources and require a greater degree of equality in order to improve the spectacle of the Great Circus. That is what many want, not only Sauber, improve the show and greater equality, but everything seems to indicate that it will not be so…

Sauber calle boxes Abu DabiSauber is one of the main advocates of the budget ceiling to be able to stay alive in this harsh world. Also ensure that the FOM should divide the profits by the audiovisual rights more equitably. But what is certain is that Bernie Ecclestone is complaining that your sport is “a shit” and on the other hand shows passivity to certain injustices that do not seem to work and change them.

In the letter, Sauber sends Christmas greetings and comments on all of these injustices, in addition to proposing three points to santa Claus, which urge you to review the proposals that have, as a spending ceiling and a fair distribution of the money from the FOM, simpler rules to make things easier for the technicians and to listen more to the wishes of the fans to improve the show. That is the recipe of Sauber to overcome its own crisis and that vivie all the Formula 1.