¬°Sayonara, baby! Ford throws in the towel in the japanese market, what they don’t like their cars?

Imagine for a moment that Ford’s departure from the Spanish market. Not going to happen because Spain is one of its main european markets and even has factories in our country. In Japan the opposite. Ford leads years trying to carve a niche in the market, without success. Specifically, since the distant year of 1974, have opened a network of dealers, which currently have 52 locations open. Soon, they will be empty buildings. do Not like the Ford in Japan? Why give up this market?

Ford abandons the indonesian market, where its sales have also been unable to take off without local production.

The japanese market is a market where the sales of vehicles to domestic prevail of way of the railway on the foreign vehicles. The huge reliability comparison of the japanese cars and the historical tariffs on the import of foreign vehicles has made a few in Japan opt for car-of-origin americans. This fee was imposed by the U.S. before the rise of the japanese brands in the 70s, following the oil crisis. Japan fixed it manufactures its cars in the united States and by putting a duty similar to the foreign cars.

ford-escape-2016-ford-kuga-02today, the japanese brands have a combined market share in the U.S. of nearly 30%. American brands do not reach the 1% of the japanese market. Its narrow streets also do not seem the best place for a Ford Explorer. Detroit did not managed to enter with success in Japan. Ford has sold just 5,000 cars in the country of the rising sun, where its range is limited to the EcoSport, Fiesta, Kuga, Explorer, Focus and Mustang. In the same dealer also sold cars Lincoln, the MKX and the Navigator.

Another support for this decision has been the fact that the economy of Japan has for years on zero growth, no prospects of improvement.

Source: C&D
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