¡Sayonara, baby! Would you dare to drive the Unimog to Arnold Schwarzenegger?

a little more than a year was put up for sale spectacular Mercedes Unimog Arnie. One fantastic Unimog the year 1977 was hiding a multitude of secrets and captured us. It was sold by 208.250 euros to a buyer unknown. Schwarzenegger was such a fan of the Unimog, which commissioned a complete restoration and modernization of the truck, one of your fetishes of childhood. It may be your last chance to get your steering wheel and say the great litany of mythical phrases that the actor has pronounced on his filmography.

Began its life as a Unimog in the year 1977, and received a deep transformation of mechanics and aesthetics.

This Mercedes Unimog U1300 SE 6.4 is put up for sale on eBay (you can see the announcement here) a price of 350.980 dollars. It is a price considerably higher than its price last year. Someone wants to make a quick buck, so it seems. The truck has been put up for sale in Texas, far away from Germany it was sold previously. Why is Schwarzenegger not kept its body and engine original? why is used a truck of the year 1977 instead of a truck manufacturing much more recent?

unimog-arnie-2Schwarzenegger I wanted to be able to fly it in the US, The Unimog is not sold legally in the U.S. for almost a decade, so that had to be imported from Germany. In order to enrol and to circulate with a car that was not initially approved for circulation on u.s. roads, your age must be at least 25 years. Schwarzenegger wanted a Unimog modern, so it was completely transformed and modernised with a body modern and a motor current. It is believed that the transformation takes about 5 years.

body is of type pick-up and it has some huge chimneys chrome for the exhaust, as well as an aggressive calender.

Its original engine was replaced by a huge turbo 6.4 litres of origin Mercedes-Benz, with a power of 320 HP, associated with a gearbox semi-automatic. Differential locks – front, centre and rear – are standard, and the truck has been footwear with some gigantic tires Michelin XZL in measures 445/65 R22.5. Its interior has been refurbished and also has fitted a reversing camera, which is necessary in a vehicle of more than 2.5 meters high and zero visibility.

arnie-unimogThis tank for the streets was the vehicle fetish of the governor of California for a time, until he was forced to sell it: their environmental regulations stricter collided squarely with the driving of a vehicle “politically incorrect”. The dashboard of the truck off-road, it is signed by the actor austrian. This Unimog was used sporadically by Schwarzenegger, who has only traveled 3,001 and miles on board. And if you have enough money, and it could be yours in a few days!

Source: Jalopnik
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