Schedules of Grand Prix of Spain F1 2017


The Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona hosts a year more the Great Prize of Spain of Formula 1, and it does so with an uncertain weather conditions. But whether favorable or not, the fact is that Mercedes and Ferrari will continue vying for the win, but Red Bull expected to join the party with the evolved version of its RB13.

And that is Montmeló is traditionally a meeting point of the first developments important of the season and this year, with a regulation that allows a lot of room for improvement because of their youth, will not be an exception.

All of this can be seen at Movistar F1, but also in Spanish Television, as this Great Award is issued in open. The hours will be the usual races europeas.

Fecha Sesión Hours (peninsular)
12/05/2017 Free 1 10:00-11:30
12/05/2017 Free 2 14:00-15:30
13/05/2017 Free 3 11:00-12:00
13/05/2017 Clasificación 14:00
14/05/2017 Carrera 14:00