SEAT 20V20, the car of the future

The future just landed in the automotive market, as the plane comes from the stars, in the form of off-road, but not just any, but first big SUV signature Spanish SEAT , shared with us their visions of tomorrow through the new and revolutionary 20V20 , you will know a little better and to travel forward in time ?, then read and get ready for this new journey.

SEAT 20V20, el coche del futuro some time ago, the firm SEAT had a vision for the next few years there saw he a gifted todotorreno a powerful structure, which would be known by all for its resistance, comfort , speed and careful design. The visions of 2020 from SEAT has manifested in the form of the new 20V20, which all experienced during last year’s Geneva Motor Show 2015

In addition to being a step forward in the development of their models SEAT he wanted to go ahead with this new edition solely what is the future of the brand.

Whatever visionaries believed in the frame of mind has given its results, bringing us one Full SUV , the first of the company, which will benefit our dealers in just five years.

SEAT 20V20 conduccion Equipped with a wheel 20 inches Full LED headlights are equipped with maximum expressivity seems to speak for itself, and a length of 4, 659, combines the new SEAT model in his heart mechanical, practical and adaptation capacity of a compact, elegance and poise of an SUV with all the dynamics of a sports coupe. The front design is dominated by a X as one of its most representative forms, while the bumper with its V distilled inverted concepts of stability and larger size.

Its creators assure us that the new SEAT 20V20 will feature an innovative design that will move away from the conventional lines of its predecessor models, without losing the essence of the firm, a sporty touch, high quality and adjusted to a latest technology .

On this last point, we note its Driving Device Personal SEAT connectivity and integrate technology with maximum versatility.

SEAT 20v20 maximo diseno With boot endowed with a capacity of 600 liters, the new SEAT 20V20 includes in its internal space large TFT screens flanking sixteen clocks on both sides. Move your design will look in seconds to a science fiction movie inside this car consists of five places for their residents.

However, besides the facilities and the latest technology, we can highlight another of the most characteristic features of this car as comfort and maximum security represented through an extensive package of systems for driver assistance.

The new 20V20 be created and designed to incorporate plug-in hybrid engines to bet the maximum for the protection and preservation of the environment. Similarly, the new platform allows customization of a wide range of engines, from TSI and TDI modern and custom future market development assistance systems.

Seat 20V20 coches In addition to this new jewel of the way that works sent from the future through a time machine in Geneva Motor Show collected the second presentation of the company with equally attractive models that were Leon Cupra ST can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just six seconds, and even less of a suitcase with a capacity of about 1487 liters.

Alongside the familiar version we can find another sporty model Toledo FR Line alloy wheels with 17-inch, LED tail lights, fog lights and side mirrors titaino gray.

Seat 20V20 As you can see, safety, comfort, design and cutting edge technology, speed and strength are some of the notes that can better define the new signature model SEAT 20v20 , what do you think?

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