Seat 600 Convertible, restored for the Hall of Barcelona

SEAT 600 Convertible

More than thirty brands participating in this edition of the Salon of the Car of Barcelona giving its models more innovative and futuristic, incorporating new materials and the latest technologies within the reach of the driver. This year, Seat has surprised us all by showing the restoration of a Seat 600 Convertible with modern materials and techniques. A classic 1957 who returns after 60 years.

Seat 600 was an icon of the culture of the motor English 60 years ago and to do this, Seat has restored one to celebrate this birthday, in particular, the convertible version. Manufactured by Seat under licence by Fiat, the 600 was built for 15 years, time in which it sold approximately 800,000 units.

SEAT 600 Convertible
The Seat 600 Convertible that we talk about will be presented in the Barcelona Motor Show just this week, and in him have worked with a team of 30 people during 1500 hours in a 600 convertible that had been standing for 25 years. For the restoration, will be disarmed and restored carefully, coming to replace more than 1,000 pieces.

Is almost better than when it originally left the factory 52 years ago. – said Angel Lahoz, head of the project about the outcome.

The Seat 600 Convertible chosen was constructed in 1965, but after that, a private buyer purchased it and has been standing for 25 years, which means that I needed a job mechanical, electrical and bodywork full. To convert this car into a functional one, used techniques and modern materials, for example, for your interior.

SEAT 600 Jaume Lahoz

Even so, the Seat 600 Convertible will maintain plenty of details, as well as its design, the Seat 600 original, and will include the canvas roof practicable or the doors opening “suicide”, in addition to the steering wheel or the horn, that have remained intact.

The Seat 600 Convertible will not provide bluetooth or rear camera or parking assistant. But, although it was a transfer of Fiat to be able to make their model 500 in Spain, the Seat 600 has something that many cars today do not have, and is that this little exudes personality by the four sides.