Seat already has 9 semi-finalists for the name of their SUV 7-seater

if you do not remember, a couple of months ago, Seat launched an initiative inviting citizens to to find a name for its next model, – type SUV for the segment D, a model that will include a cabin of up to 7 squares. The campaign #SEATbuscaNombre has received 10.130 proposals, having chosen as the nine finalists that will best marry with the future model according to the philosophy of the brand and the car itself.

The names of the nine finalists are: Abrera, Alboran, Aran, Aranda, Ávila, san Sebastian, Tarifa, Tarraco, Teide. From now on, you have to decide what are the three names that are more convincing in different markets for your next SUV 7 seater, getting to know the 12 of September at the iaa in Frankfurt. Since that day until the 25 of September will once again hold a vote in which anyone can participate.

there only will be one, which will be public on the 25th of October. For the first time in the history of the brand the name of one of their products will be elected by popular vote, something that draws the attention today, because any trade name it is studied very thoroughly by specialised companies. Particularly we can say that we like this proposal of Seat, in addition to using places of our geography for the name of their models.

What name you like the most, of these finalists, for the future model of Seat?

Abrera, Alboran, Aran, Aranda, Ávila, san Sebastian, Tarifa, Tarraco or mount Teide. Even are almost three months to know what will be the definitive one, and it is certain that we have a lot of curiosity to know about it. This “game” of the Spanish brand has made more than 130,000 people have voted in this first round. Hopefully many others will do so in the following, and you also are between them contributing to your preferences.

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