Seat Altea XL I-TECH, the new family SUV

Large space , comfort and customization latest technology there as proposed in the new and exclusive Seat Altea XL I-TECH, the new family SUV, if market launch is accompanied by € 13,900 a juicy marketing that you can win a trip weekend at a local hotel chain Rusticae, what do you think?

Seat Altea

comfort and safety are two of the most important variables in a vehicle and the new SEAT Altea XL I-TECH keeps perfect . However, it is likely that one of its most outstanding notes we find it in their size and breadth of its interior space so that all family members can move freely, not to mention the many positions that allow us to adopt seats or large boot where we can accommodate everything we need when starting our journey, regardless of chosen destination.

Coinciding with the launch, the renowned company cars Seat proposes a test for #padresdeahora , ie, those who like new family SUV fits the most prominent changes latest technology. The Test Father is a questionnaire consisting of three questions that can answer the coming days on its Facebook page. You must remember that the answers to the most original parents, will be taking an exclusive weekend trip in one of the hotels in the chain Rusticae, which can go in a car SEAT Altea XL I-TECH.

This new vehicle contains some of the best elements that complement machines of this jewel of the road as they are, for example, multifunction steering wheel, cruise control cruise, climate control and alloy wheels 16 “Titanium, besides its exclusive Media System browser and color touch screen 5 “, you can make the most of the benefits offered by DAB digital radio as well as their connection to iPad and MP3.

Seat Altea XL I-TECH

What do you think about this new car?

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