SEAT Arona, the upcoming B-SUV of the signature of Martorell

Seat Arona teaserWith the SEAT Ateca in the market, the signature of Martorell is already thinking of a new SUV. Following the tradition not a written one at SEAT to call their models with names of Spanish towns and villages, the new member could be the SEAT Arona (locality belonging to Santa Cruz de Tenerife). Come to the market in 2017, date planned also for the new generation of the SEAT Ibiza. With this SUV, Seat could give respite to the little successful SEAT Ibiza ST and be entered in the increasingly juicy segment of the B-SUV.

This denomination has appeared collected between the last registered names in the European Patent Office, which has caused the alarms to turn on. However SEAT neither confirm nor deny the information, making the whole world a fact that will be the name of the new small SUV. However, part of the reason we are missing as the close proximity in the launch of the new generation of the Ibiza avalaría the launch of a variant with a aspect off-road.

Teaser Seat Aronain Addition, according to the logic, the next Volkswagen Polo is also falling, and with it the Volkswagen Polo Crossover. Therefore, if we add two plus two, we will have that, both in Ibiza as a Pole shared platform (estrenándola the island of Ibiza), and therefore, will also have as brothers on high two SUV urban, so that there is nothing unreasonable to give credibility to these rumors.

With respect to technical data and mechanical is still too soon to know for sure how it will be configured with the new SEAT Arona. Yes we know it will be based on the modern MQB platform in its cropped version, so that might not have traction to all four wheels; even if I could mount a traction control with extended functions, in the style of the Grip Control of PSA.

aesthetics, is expected to save certain elements in common with the Ibiza, but could have one more image marked muscular, differing a little from his brother of the range. For the rest, have to wait SEAT confirm the rumors and this is definitely a concept that entity own the new SEAT Arona, or whatever it’s called.

Source – European Patent Office

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