SEAT Ateca Cupra, first evidence confirming their arrival

the first units of The Ateca are already on the asphalt. The market has been welcomed with open arms the first SUV of the Spanish brand, and there are already more than 700 orders have been sold. However today we have to talk about a variant that will be at the top of all the current, SEAT Ateca Cupra.


So, as if such a thing, we can read the word Cupra on the rear of this unit evidence of the Ateca

a few weeks Ago came to light the first rumors about a possible sport variant of the Ateca. At that time there were more than that, speculation, how would that unit so special collection for the emblem Cupra. But it has not been until today when we had the first evidence that ensure its arrival.

must say that SEAT is very jealous of their privacy. It is a brand that, unlike others who aerate their mules and prototypes, you try anything or anybody to disturb their preparations. It is for this reason that we are accustomed to seeing the test units with a high content of camouflage and shooting primarily at night.

here is that our surprise has been capitalized when the unit intercepted has been discovered completely natural. There are that say that we’re not exactly to the version Cupra. Many evidences confirm this, as the emblem TDI, something that would be completely antagonistic to the concept SEAT has units Cupra.


The emblem has been removed, but the brand has been very clear

But it is telling that a brand is so introverted lance to the road a SEAT Ateca with the emblem Cupra removed, although it looks perfectly. Obviously the Cupra and normal versions will share a lot of components, and the same goes with the prototypes, so that this gate now is on a TDI that was previously in a prototype of the Cupra.

So yes, there will be a SEAT Ateca Cupra. Now you just have to know, how and when it will arrive. As to date there is nothing clear. As an example, that the units Cupra SEAT Leon usually appear two years after the launch of the model. If we consider this, it would not be until 2018 when the Ateca Cupra would be revealed.

as for how, it is logical to think that it will come with a block of four-cylinder petrol of two litres with an output of between 280 and 300 HP. In this respect it would have more similarity with the Volkswagen Golf R, the SEAT León Cupra, as the Ateca employ all-wheel drive instead of front-wheel-drive.


By the time the Ateca has just two finishes, the Style and the XCellence

In the final analysis, either by mistake or intentionally, SEAT has confirmed in a very subtle way that there will be a variant Cupra for its new Ateca. Before this lands, we’ll have a preview in the form of concept at the upcoming Paris Salon. In the same way, the coming year will get a version aesthetically more sporty, the Ateca FR, which will see the light in the middle of the year, as you can see here in the plans filtered SEAT for the 2017.

PD: Thanks to Alexander for the photos.