SEAT Ateca Smart City Car: the car is connected to the “smart city”

SEAT Ateca Smart City Car

SEAT Ateca Smart City Car, in anticipation of the “car connected” to the big cities.

Morning 15th November starts the Smart City World Congress 2016 in the city of Barcelona and the guys from SEAT have prepared a rst and very interesting for this event. This is the SEAT Ateca Smart City Car. The concept of the future of the SEAT Ateca with connectivity, “Smart City” (smart city). The first SUV SEAT has been used as evidence base to equip a multitude of systems and technologies that will facilitate the mobility in the big cities.

The new SEAT Ateca Smart City Car incorporates a system able to collect information of the environment surrounding the vehicle through a variety of sensors tracking and, in turn, share it with the rest of the drivers via the application “Parkfinder”, a useful tool developed by SEAT, and DRIVER for locate free parking lots. These data are sent through the platform iCity of the city of Barcelona.

, this server transmits the information to the application and indicates to the driver the location on a map. The profile of the driver can be configured in three modes: close to home, around the office, and a third mode customized according to our needs. As is logical, each one of these profiles allows the driver to organize their preferences according to the destination address.

SEAT Ateca Smart City Car

The SEAT Ateca is used as a spearhead to anticipate the car to the smart cities.

the application offers The possibility of filter car parks depending on the distance and price. All with the goal of showing on screen the place closest to our destination that has a parking available. Moreover, it also includes the Smart City Car developed by SEAT, and that, as we say, it will be displayed in a Ateca, has the function “Find my car” (find my car).

as indicated in the name of the function, you will inform us where is parked the car. is complemented with the function “Last Mile Routing,”, indicating the route to walk to our final destination.

┬┐Will these functions at the SEAT Ateca? The Spanish brand wants to explore the possibilities of this technology to see if they have a place in a short-term future. By what we have seen throughout this article, many of the features and tools that incorporates the SEAT Ateca Smart City Car are already available for smartphones through various apps. However, this Ateca allows us to concentrate them all in the same system, something that would allow us to save time and have a database more complete and up-to-date.

SEAT Ateca Smart City Car

The SEAT Ateca Smart City Car you can see the 15th to the 17th of November at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

SEAT will also leverage the Smart City World Congress 2016 to display the application “Digital Sharing”, an app designed for models
economy collaborative as it offers the possibility of transferring a car between
individuals (or in corporate environments) through an application that
works as a digital key. The event, which begins tomorrow, will take place from
15 to 17 of November in the Gran Via venue of the Fira de Barcelona.