SEAT Ateca, the model with more advanced technology of the brand

SEAT Ateca

SEAT Ateca is a strategic product for the Spanish brand. With the launch of this new model, SEAT makes its first foray into the market of the SUV, with a todocamino of segment C, which can also boast of being the model, more technologically advanced of the brand.

In the new SEAT Ateca we can find advanced technologies that contribute to to improve the active safety, as well as those that make the journeys more bearable by providing a greater comfort, all this without forgetting one of the strongest commitments to any manufacturer of cars, connectivity with mobile devices and the Internet.


active Safety

Avisador de ángulos muertos SEAT Ateca

Detector angles dead

The active safety systems are those whose function is to reduce the chances of an accident. In the case of the SEAT Ateca there are many elements, not all of them of series, which make driving more safe. Starting with the headlights Full LED premiered at the SEAT Leon years ago and they offer fantastic visibility at night, and continuing through the all-wheel drive 4Drive that offer some of the versions of the Ateca.

No less important are other technologies like the detector angles dead, which takes into account the presence of vehicles in the dead angle of the mirrors, avoiding dangerous impacts at the time of lane change without even noticing the presence of vehicles in the lanes adjacent. The assistant driving in traffic jams, the adaptive cruise control and wizard of involuntary change of lane assist make driving easier and safer.

Comfort for the day-to-day

Seat AtecaSince its inception the car has served to make life easier to all over the world, especially by shortening the duration of journeys. The SEAT Ateca also has a series of technologies designed to make those trips more comfortable. For example, it is the first model of the Spanish brand to incorporate a wireless charger for smartphones, which allows us to dispense with the clutter of cords.

The SEAT Ateca you can also have keyless entry and start and a tailgate hands-free, which opens automatically when you move your foot below the rear bumper in the presence of the key to the vehicle. This functionality makes loading the luggage compartment more comfortable, as it will not be necessary to drop the load that you bear.

Seat Ateca CamarasAlso in this aspect we find the heating remotely, which allows start the engine remotely. In this way, those who live in cold climates will be able to start the car in advance, so that both the passenger compartment as the engine, take temperatures more pleasant and appropriate for its operation. Of course, also available are heated seats.

In the big city, the possibility of installing vision cameras, 360 ┬░ will make maneuvering in tight spots a breeze, thus avoiding possible scratches on the car. In addition, the SEAT Ateca also has a system of assistance when parking by means of which the car detects the holes for parking and makes maneuvering the steering wheel while the driver only has to control the shift and the pedals.

Technology palpable

SEAT Ateca luz bienvenidaIn the SEAT Ateca technology is palpable, is seen at a glance. The new SUV English has some striking features such as the courtesy lamps in the mirrors, which project a silhouette of the car along with the name Ateca, or the power button with lighting, which simulates the beats of the heart. In the interior it is possible to create different atmospheres thanks to the LED lighting colors selectable.

connectivity is the key in the SEAT Ateca, which offers the system multimedia Full Link, which include applications such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, that allow us to integrate our phone in the car in the optimum way, to adapt the main features of these driving, so that we can stay connected safely while driving.

Driving Experience SEAT AtecaThe SEAT Ateca also features a selector driving modes called Driving Experience, from which it is possible to choose between the modes Normal, Sport, Eco and Individual (customizable), in addition to the Snow and Off-Road versions equipped with all-wheel drive 4Drive.