SEAT Ateca, to test: 7 reasons why we are against the new benchmark of the compact SUV

Just got back from Barcelona, a very special event, our first contact with a best-seller, our first test of the SEAT Ateca. The new SUV from SEAT, the first of the Spanish brand, has already been purchased by more than 700 customers in Spain, the majority of whom have bought blindly, without even having seen it live, and even less tested. The SEAT Ateca is, without doubt, one of the big releases of this summer, and the year 2016. It is expected that in our country, fight, you, with the most sold of its class, with Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage (see SUV sold, and rivals of the SEAT Ateca). And we each time we have the least doubt that your competition will be, honestly, very difficult to face up to this car. And that is why these are the 7 reasons why we are convinced that the SEAT Ateca will be the new benchmark in the compact SUV. See bottom of the SEAT Ateca 2016.

1. Design SEAT: the search for the urban clients, and strengthen a brand image

The SEAT Ateca had a great challenge ahead. To some extent his enemy also was in the house. No one will deny that SEAT Ateca and Volkswagen Tiguan are, to some extent, two brothers separated at birth. Though at a technological level, and later I’ll talk about it, share many components, the SEAT Ateca has been developed in the last instance in Martorell. And the most determinant, which has also been the work of the Technical Centre of SEAT in Spain, we find it in the design.

live, the SEAT Ateca looks personality. Although his features are those of the rest of the family SEAT, we don’t have the impression of being in front of a SEAT León sobreelevado, nor with a Volkswagen Tiguan, with features SEAT. SEAT has opted for a design that is more crossover, more similar to a tourism aspect campero, while his brother, or his cousin German, design opted for a more campero, and robust, perhaps looking for that differentiation off-road and premium which, together with its price is intended to position it a step above.


the design Of the SEAT Ateca we would like to highlight some details, such as your front sharp, and this double grill with lattice, or its eye-catching LED headlights with a whimsical design for day lighting, which is capable of changing color to wear in a shade of orange, and to exercise its function of flashing to indicate the direction we will continue in our laps.


2. A range perfectly staggered and engines three and four cylinder, diesel and gasoline

The SEAT Ateca could not afford a range of engines is very limited. Regarding the engines, I’ll talk about later, but we can already disclose that in this test we set the controls 1.4 TSI 150 CV with disconnection of the vehicle and the 1.6 TDI of 150 HP of power, in both cases with a manual gearbox and front wheel drive. In the diesel, it will be appreciated that the work done to improve its refinement, and above all the sound insulation of the car to improve the quality of the running, has given its results. The gasoline we can fit into their push, but, above all, its softness.

A shame not to be able to qatar, yet, one of the engines of the most interesting and eye-catching, the new 1.0 TSI 115 HP and three cylinders. We talk about engines with the latest technologies from the Volkswagen Group, a detail on the SEAT wants to make a special emphasis, of transmitting to their clients that SEAT is a major brand name, and of right, of the Volkswagen Group, but above all with identity. To do this, in the next few days will opt for an advertising campaign important, in printed media, internet, and television, to wager for a defense of the Spanish product.

seat-ateca-prueba-mdm-08SEAT us he admitted that he is surprising for the good reception they are having in their initial reserves, the for gasoline engines, and the DSG. But make no mistake, the SEAT Ateca usually see on the street will be diesel, manual and front-wheel drive. Its range of engines shared with the Volkswagen Tiguan, except for any absence above, and the introduction below the triple. At your disposal, a range of diesel and petrol engines, manual and automatic, front-wheel-drive and total (with differential Haldex fifth generation, with hydraulic clutch multi-plate electronic control).

do Not rule out larger versions and sports, as a SEAT Ateca FR (there is even talk of a SEAT Ateca Cupra). We know that those versions would be important to level brand image, and also to add salt and pepper to the range Ateca, in any case SEAT of time declines tell us about the upcoming releases that we will see from the Ateca.


3. The latest technology from the Volkswagen Group

My friends, and my fellow motor, have not been slow in asking myself what I have felt when driving for the first time the SEAT Ateca. And my response will be exactly the same that I will give you in this article. My sensations were very similar to those I had with the new Volkswagen Tiguan, which says a lot in favor of the SEAT Ateca, with the proviso that SEAT has managed to differentiate its product, and to mark his personality in some aspects.

In the aspect that this SEAT Ateca is a Volkswagen Tiguan, from the feet to the head, is the technological. When you sit down for the first time in the SEAT Ateca, I had a feeling of déjà vu. Especially for that big-screen 8-inch (at its most prominent), which makes the times of navigation equipment and entertainment. SEAT has been reserved for some functions, and a higher position for the screen, with a different layout for the air vents of the climate control, but in the background the system is the same.

The SEAT Ateca is the most technological of the of Martorell. It features an adaptive cruise control function, and Traffic Jam Assist (which speeds up, slows down, and resumes the march in jams) and Lane Assist (which helps us to avoid that we go out of our lane), also a system of emergency braking autonomous recognition of pedestrians, recognition of traffic signals, detection of the dead angle, traffic alert, rear, Emergency Assist (which warns us, and even is able to slow the car, if the driver is unwell), wizard of light road, etc., etc.


The SEAT Ateca also has cameras vision 360 ° , with top-down view, which shows us to our car in a three-dimensional view of the outside. This system, which is so useful to avoid contact with a column or another car when parking in the garage, it is also of great utility in raids outside of the asphalt. To the extent that this presentation is prepared a circuit of cones, with a SEAT Ateca with all the moons covered by sheets, opaque, for that condujéramos the car with only the help of the top-down view displayed on the screen of the car. And I got to travel the circuit, forward and backward, without throwing any cone.

Without being a saint of my devotion, but recognizing that yes, it is interesting to many buyers, you may only have to regret that not yet reached the digital instrumentation which, under different names already sold to Audi, such as Volkswagen, in their latest products.


4. The SEAT Ateca not be the best, in all aspects, of your category, but not out of place in anything

The SEAT Ateca has also nurtured one of the aspects in which more shines the Volkswagen Group, the offering of cars that they cover, exceeded, with the expectations of the majority of the customers, without any defect although enough to throw you back in a possible purchase.

I will say that the SEAT Ateca is not, nor much less, the best of its category in terms of perceived quality, but it deserves to be among the best. The settings are excellent, and perhaps in materials, and only materials, present some differences with respect to the Volkswagen Tiguan, or with respect to other models such as the Mazda CX-5. But again satisfies in every way.

I love it! The lighting, courtesy SEAT, Ateca. The first time that I saw something like that was the Range Rover Evoque

A photo posted by David Villarreal (@davidvillarreal)

There are details that, frankly, we like them a lot, even though they may seem banal. Details such as the interior illumination in LED with setting multicolor (optional from 175€ and serial in X-CELLENCE), or the lighting of the courtesy to open the car draws the silhouette of the SEAT Ateca in the ground with some projectors installed in the rear-view mirrors. Right now I doubt who was the first that installed this function, but in my memory I will always have the first car that I tested with this system, the Range Rover Evoque.


5. The maximum space in a car of very compact dimensions

Another aspect that shines the SEAT Ateca, and that is really important as many customers will want to have some rear seats are comfortable and plenty of space charge, is the distribution of space on board. The SEAT Ateca has a rear seat very loose and comfortable, and a trunk even better.

Their luggage approvals a capacity of 510 litres, in configuration of front-wheel drive, and 485 litres, in the configuration of all-wheel drive. It is not the best figure in its category, but best for a vehicle with an exterior length of 4.36 m. Returning to the comparison with the Volkswagen Tiguan, we find that this has a boot capacity of 520 litres, but it is 12 inches long, trunk that can grow up to 615 litres if we limit the space of the rear seats, taking advantage of his bench seat and rear sliding.

The Nissan Qashqai, which matches technically in length with the SEAT Ateca, offers a boot capacity of 439 litres.


6. A touch of driving on the road to excellent

Another of the aspects on which more shines the SEAT Ateca is the touch driving. Right now, and without having compared both at the same time, I would find it very difficult to recognize if the SEAT Ateca behaves better in curves than the Volkswagen Tiguan, although honestly that was my feeling on the test these days. In which I have no doubt it is in your poise in the road itself is the best in its category. The quality of rolling is also excellent, even at highway speeds of 120 km/h and more, there is some noise in aerodynamic, apparently derived from the rear-view mirrors, that without getting to be excessively annoying yes we believe it could improve.

The touch of the address is good, and can be adapted to our driving, thanks to a system SEAT Drive Profile which allows us to play with three modes, Normal, Sport and Eco, which adjust slightly the feel of the steering and the accelerator pedal. The manual change is also nice, with a touch a little hard, but with gears that mesh together to perfection.

Off the asphalt we have not been able to test it, but it does overcome some obstacles that emulated ascent and descent of steep slopes, or crossing bridges. It is noteworthy that the versions of all-wheel drive of the SEAT Ateca already include profiles of the SEAT Drive Profile for snow and Offroad, and function of downhill slopes.


7. The SEAT Ateca, an SUV with the right price

But if the SEAT Ateca wants to be a leader in your category, reference, and the best-selling SUV, has to enjoy a price commensurate with that of their rivals. And much eye, because that is not an easy task when Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Tucson and KIA Sportage have such competitive prices.

let us Remember that the SEAT Ateca boots in 23.690€ rate, but in these moments, and thanks to offers that – like its rivals – it involves funding and Plan PIVE, you can buy it from 18.800€ with a finishing Style and engine 1.0 TSI engine of 115 HP of power. The diesel of 115 HP increases the price in 2.680€.

The finished Style, the most basic of today’s, already includes Front Assist, alloy wheels 17″, chrome-plated outdoor, lighting, LED daytime leds, rear LEDS, steering wheel and gear knob leather-wrapped, sensor parking, rear, cruise control, climate control bizona, entertainment system with touch screen, 5″, Bluetooth, rain sensor and lights and hand brake electric.

later incorporated a version more affordable, but also limited to equipment, which will be referred to as Reference.

In the coming days I will continue talking about the SEAT Ateca, the revelation of the season, and a model that probably should – as a minimum – to look at if you are thinking of buying a SUV.