SEAT Ateca, Volkswagen Tiguan and Alfa Giulia are already 5-star EuroNCAP

EuroNCAP has just announced the latest results of their security testing for some products that have arrived, or will arrive recently, at the dealers. And we have to tell you that there are no surprises. The models analyzed have shone in the last few tests, getting 5-star EuroNCAP for Alfa Giulia SEAT, Ateca, and Volkswagen Tiguan. The only one that has stood the fifth star is the Suzuki Positioned, which has had to settle with four stars, in versions that include attendees from more advanced security and three stars for the most basic marketed in Europe. The Suzuki is Positioned in the would have told, therefore with a rating double. For its part, Alfa Giulia, SEAT Ateca and Volkswagen Tiguan only have a rating, and very favorable for them, for their good provision of safety equipment as standard.

Recall that EuroNCAP began this year to offer manufacturers the possibility of obtaining a score double in the ranking of EuroNCAP. The reason is not other than the fact that there are versions which are very basic, with a safety equipment very limited, in which get a good score is extremely complicated. Versions, on the other hand, may not be the most sold in the majority of european countries, in which usually the client will fall back to older versions.

EuroNCAP took a solomonic decision. The tests of EuroNCAP will continue to be performed on cars series, and in the main ranges, but will offer the possibility to the manufacturer to obtain a second score with the equipment that he determines.


Alfa Romeo Giulia can stand the high scores obtained for the protection of adult passengers, both in the seats front and rear. Both Volkswagen Tiguan, as SEAT Ateca, have also obtained some very favorable results.

Suzuki Positioned, for its part, has obtained acceptable results in the impact tests, but their rating has sunk due to the lack of some assistance to the driving they do offer other modern cars, and that each time they have more weight to get a good score in EuroNCAP.

Videos of EuroNCAP tests

Source: EuroNCAP