SEAT, autoemocionada with its 137 million euros in profits up to September


Holger Kintscher, vice-president, Finance, IT and Organisation (left) and Luca de Meo, president of SEAT (right), in a file image

SEAT has just announced its financial results for the third quarter, and they’re pretty good. The last year SEAT ended with a net profit of 6 million euros. No amount was a bestial, since then, but it was a good thing considering that leaving behind several years of losses. The crisis impacted much SEAT, from 2008 had red numbers.

Now the manufacturer announced that between January and September has been achieved an operating profit of 137 million euros, that is to say, the difference between expenditure and income. To the same heights of 2015, the operating profit was 11 times lower. Why is that difference?

The trick is in the sales success it is having the SUV Ateca, a model of greater scope than others that have ceased to be manufactured. The SEAT Ibiza ST has been one of them, the body family ceased production in may, and in some markets -like the uk – there are still stocks. SEAT has been aimed at the carriage of the SUV. Just bite the dust of the Ibiza SC (3 door), since it only offers the five-door up to the new model.

let’s Look at the data billing, that is to say, what you entered by sales. Up to September has been 6,535 cases million euros, an increase of 2.3% compared to the first three quarters of 2015 (6.388 million euros). This fact itself is more impressive, but keep in mind that manufacturers have costs that are astronomical that there are diluted in thousands of units, and the real benefit is not so great.

SEAT never had checked both until September

deliveries to customers have risen by 4.5%, 312.900 cars in front of the 308.400 cars last year. One of the models that has worked better has been the minivan Alhambra, which has risen 23%, before you become a SUV. With this are four years in a row of SEAT to grow in sales.

As is natural, the exercise will end with a net benefit to SEAT, as has declared the vice-president, Finance, IT and Organization Holger Kintscher. It’s more, SEAT is consolidated as a manufacturer cost-effective and sustainable, so that’s one less worry for the brand dependent of the Volkswagen Group.


The SEAT Ateca is the new money maker of the brand

In the immediate future, launches the update of the Lion, recently announced and now on sale. A little later will come the new generation of the Ibiza, and its corresponding version crossover, the Arona. will Be precisely Ateca and Arona those who more will contribute soon to the growth of sales, as they are on a segment in ferment.

The Ateca builds up to 30,000 purchase orders, the markets that have pulled the wagon have been Turkey, Austria, Sweden, Poland, and Mexico, with their corresponding growths. In Spain there is growth or, rather, a moderate slowdown, 2.3% less than last year by these dates. In our market have been placed in the first nine months of the year to a total of 59.905 cars.

In Spain, the best-selling model is the Lion, closely followed by the subcompact Ibiza. With a volume almost 10 times lower than is the Toledo and the Alhambra, both by over 2,000 units. The Ateca accumulates 1.719 units in Spain, according to ANFAC, but eye, that half of that amount have been sold in September (849 cars). As for the Mii, you do not have a lot of success that say, and has fallen quite a bit. Full van tail Altea, 24 units that were in stock.


Image spy of the next SEAT Ibiza, with platform MQB-A0

we must Not forget that have reduced production costs, another element that has raised the operating profit. And what is the net benefit? We don’t know that number, but you have to subtract the operating profit for the payment of taxes, among other concepts. In any case, exceed the net profit from 2015.

The germans have managed to get back on track to the SEAT, although several models are not manufactured in Spain. The Toledo, Mii and Ateca are manufactured in the former Czechoslovakia, and the Alhambra is made in Portugal. Yes, the models of higher volume with difference continues to be produced in Martorell: Leon and Ibiza.

Are cleared, the doubts about the permanence of the SEAT within the German conglomerate, as well as the future of the plant of Martorell. In fact, there is no capacity in that plant for everything that is manufactured outside. In the remainder of the year SEAT will make investments for the production of the new platform, MQB-A0, for the new Ibiza and Arona. Your submission will not be long in coming.

sales Data in Spain (January to September 2016)

Model Units Variation
Alhambra 2.084 +17,6%
Altea 24 -99,6%
Ateca 1.719
Ibiza 25.605 +3,6%
Lion 27.043 +6.8% a
Mii 1.178 -30,3%
Toledo some 2,252 -5,5%