Seat could launch Cupra as a separate brand; what should?

In the last few days has come to light a story that says that Seat could throw Cupra as a separate brand. A few months ago we knew that the brand in Martorell had registered at the patent office, a few new logos Cupra, which has already started to perk up a little the rumors. According to The Confidential, sources close to the Spanish company, without specifying who have advanced.

it would be, much less the first time a brand launches a sub-brand in order to obtain a differentiation of their products, with a philosophy different to that of the main models. Two recent cases are those of Abarth, derived from Fiat, or DS, that part of Citroën; but we do not forget Infiniti, belonging to Nissan, or Lexus, Toyota.

In the case of Seat, if a sub-brand under the name of Cupra materializes, it would be something different. The new brand will seek to reach a young audience with products very sporting. Currently the only model with this surname sporty of the range Seat is the Lion, and the Spanish firm already made that clear a couple of months ago that we would not see a Seat Ibiza Cupra in this new generation.

unlike the Abarth, which is also a sports brand, Cupra does not have a long tradition of models, preparations, or important victories in the racing world. In addition, the young public looking for a sports product but affordable, and maybe a brand new could raise prices. On the other hand, would need more models, because it doesn’t make sense to create that sub-only for the Lion.

how Should I Seat to launch a brand Cupra? Seeing the little weight they have the endings of Cup Racing in the present, we consider that Cupra would have to launch more products with this nomenclature and attempt to facilitate his purchase to the young audience. The Seat Leon Cupra is not sold at all wrong in Europe, having played with the main asset of which is the compact sport more economic among the largest, compared with Mégane RS or Civic Type R, and that their benefits are very decent.

rumors Say a Seat Ateca Cupra won’t take too long to join the range, also talking about a Arona with this same last name. We expect that the company, is a Seat or Cupra already separated, do not resort to products that are not up to the height dynamically with the objective of making them cheaper and sell them with greater ease. Yes, that would be a mistake of identity, though it probably would get better figures.

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