Seat displayed its first electric or hybrid 2019

SEAT Mii FR LineSeat is off renewal of part of their range vehicle as well as the introduction of new models in the product family. Has recently launched the Seat Ateca, the first SUV of the brand, while has already announced that short-term we will see a new SUV dimensions contained, in addition to the renovation of the Seat Ibiza, his legendary model of segment B. will Not be there the thing, and is that in the medium term we will see electric and hybrid vehicles in the brand automotive with headquarters in Martorell.

Seems to be that since Seat have declared to the british Auto Express in 2019, will show their first model electrified, though they have not confirmed if it will be a vehicle is entirely electric, or if it will be a hybrid vehicle. According to this same medium, it will not be the only vehicle on electricity as a method of propulsion, as will later more will follow models.

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

recharge Socket located behind the front logo

Our fellow brits have that from Seat shuffled three options: a utility power, a compact hybrid and a completely new model to develop from scratch. The first two options would be relatively easy to get to the mark, since it would be a Seat Mii electric and a Seat Leon plug-in hybrid. And we say that would be easy to carry out because in other brands, within the Volkswagen Group, are available these two options with the Volkswagen E-up! and the Golf GTE or Audi A3 e-tron.

The third option would be more complicated, although in view of the latest new Volkswagen in terms of prototypes and all the information you have given about giving a twist to the brand and to develop new products-electric at the Paris Salon, doesn’t sound so far-fetched that within about five years, the Spanish brand have a product brand new and 100 % electric. In any case, Matthias Rabe, one of the senior officials of the Spanish company, has declared that will not take place any vehicle, electrified in the next two years, clarifying that although it does not reach commercialization until at least 2020, yes we can see it in 2019.

Source – Auto Express