SEAT Dongle monitors your car from your smartphone


New Seat Dongle.

The Spanish firm has taken advantage of the celebration of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to present one of their latest models, although we’re not talking about a vehicle, but of a device, the SEAT Dongle. This new device connects to the OBD port of our Seat and allows you access to a series of vehicle parameters.

once connected to the SEAT Dongle to the OBD port, we can access the data of the vehicle through the app MySEAT, being able to study parameters such as the consumption of our vehicle, notices of faults and various information about the maintenance of our vehicle.

At the time of writing this article the mark is still had not revealed all the functionalities of the device, but our reporter present at the event confirms that the brand has already dropped even its price.


All the features of the Seat Dongle will be available from an app.

This device at the moment it seems that will be exclusive to the clients of the Spanish brand, and will have a price of between 30 and 50 euros. As you can see in the pictures taken at the event itself, the device is small in size and does not seem to require any complex installation.

we do not Know for the moment if this must be installed in the service
or if you shall be designed for “Plug & Play”, so that
the user only has to desembalarlo and connect it to the OBD port
of the vehicle. So commented the brand in its presentation, not only will be available for the new models.

By the time this is all we can tell from the event itself, when the brand reveals more details of the device, as well as the models that you are able to incorporate, we will expand this information.