SEAT, driving for the first ride of a megacamión in Spain

Primer megacamion EspañaYesterday SEAT was, together with Grupo Sesé, CIMALSA, Group Races, Tecnicarton and SF Consultants, the company driving first trip of a megacamión by Spanish territory. The truck of 25,25 meters long and a load capacity of 60 tons, travelled the stretch of road and motorway that separates the facilities of Palau Automotive Manufacturing in Palau-solità i Plegamans with the plant of the mark in Martorell, where they make the SEAT Leon, Ibiza and the Audi Q3.

The objective of this pilot test was to demonstrate the feasibility of of the circulation of this type of megacamiones by the Spanish roads, something that even with some restrictions, it is legal from the 23rd of December 2015. In this test have been monitored trip data relating to safety, such as the braking, the handling, or the resistance of some mechanical elements.

Primer megacamion EspañaThe representatives of all the parties involved in this project circulate the first megacamión by Spanish roads are very proud of the achievement and of this new form of transport in Spain, which allows reduce logistics costs by up to 22%. From SEAT want to bet on these means of transport to get the goods to its plant in Martorell.

Until the 23rd December, the roads of Spain could only be circular trucks are up to 18.75 metres in length and not more than 40 tons of weight. With the megacamiones or megatrucks on the roads, the measures on increase of up to 25,25 metres and the load capacity is increased up to 60 tons. In this way, two megacamiones are able to transport the goods three trucks conventional, reduced 14% emissions and reducing transport costs.

By the time it is necessary to ask permissions to the DGT or the departments of traffic of the Ertzaintza (Basque Country or the Mossos d’esquadra (Catalonia) for a megacamión can circulate. In the sector is working for the megacamiones be able to circulate regularly for Spain.

Source – SEAT