Seat Ibiza 2017: hunted for the first time disguised as a Hyundai i20


Hyundai seems to be, but new Ibiza from Seat is.

Although it may not seem so to the naked eye, that strange mechano images little or nothing to do with a model of the brand Korean. This is one of the prototypes of the new Seat Ibiza 2017 camouflaged completely as a Hyundai i20.

A simple glance reveals to us that the features of the small utility Korean are fake, especially in regard to the light clusters, both front and rear. Although, since then, has no precedent in the mood to Seat at the time of hiding their mules testing.

then created publications british in the Seat are from the left the prototypes are completely uncovered the whole view of the world.


The mule is deceiving to the naked eye.

Although the tapas are very successful, there are items that you can’t disguise, on all the pillars and part of the passenger compartment. In the back view you can clearly see the silhouette of the original Ibiza, with its characteristic C-pillar and at the moment that stops, the real optics of the Spanish model. While, in the optical front, betraying the daytime running lights.

Studying the images in depth, we find many more details’s own Seat, as the own tires, exterior rearview mirrors or the waist line with a sharp crease.

While the front bumper is more work and shown more camouflage, in the rear is more simple guess the original forms the basic of the Spanish brand, where in addition we find new leaks.


Under the optical appear the true.

The mark has not been revealed by the time the launch of the new model, but we hope as the first likely date for the conclusion of the next Geneva motor show, which will take place in march 2017.